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Since 1866 The Place in Austin GOOD FOOD GOOD BEER 1607 San Jacinto GR 7-4171 FUTURA PRESS HI 2-8682 HI 2-2426 1714 SO. CONGRESS AUSTIN er to tti pe ea ut is as though some kind of special, pilot-light shrewdness remains lit even in the most bleary-eyed of drivers, saying, “Look, just keep your wits about you and you can make Just Swell I think it is a swell idea for Don Yarborough to run for governor. Of course, as you “conjecture,” he doesn’t have a chance, but, after all, we liberals characteristically have scads of money and time for lost causes, and, besides, as you point out, we must fervently maintain our “relevance to the future of life.” Actually, why don’t we get Don to run for President of the United States? He has as good a chance to win that as he does thegovernorship, and think how relevant it would be to the future of life to have such a man of “mettle” in the White House. Thomas Black, Box 1073, Austin, Tex. Up and About Liberals in Texas do indeed need to be up and about their normal political activity. . . . Perhaps Gov. Connally cannot be defeated this year. . . Still, the strongest opposition possible should be raised against Connally to limit the “mandate” 14 The Texas Observer Campaign Cards Br Placards & Bumperstrips & Brochures & Flyers & Letterheads & Env elopes & Vertical Posters & Buttons & Ribb ons & Badges & Process Color Work & Art Work & Forms & Newspapers & Political P rinting & Books & Silk Screen Work & Maga azin_e_s It Car Sien_s____&___Iio_v_elties _8\(__ Pictures nti tic on rs ds tot Mr al Tl! S & Silk Screen Work & Political Printing’ & Novelties & Mimeograph Supplies & Conv.enti onery BE Cards & Announcements 81 Invitatiot ns & Campaign Cards & Placards & Bumper strips & Brochures & Flyers & Letterheads & Envelopes 8t Vertical Placards & Buttons ityou got to be up here again next week, you know.” And like a flock of tipsy homing pigeons they all go racing back through the darkness into town. El he would receive to continue to obstruct progressive legislation. I hope Don Yarborough will find it possible to lead the opposition.Don W. Allford, 1505 Cloverleaf, Austin, Tex. A Commitment of Heart In many issues of the Observer, you have reported the game played by the conservative daily newspapers in the state, i.e., how to define the liberal so his own mother would spit on his grave. We have been called “liberal,” “labor,” “CIO,” “COPE,” “pinko,” “un-American,” “socialist,” “communist,” and finally, but prior to Nov. 22, 1963, “Kennedy Democrats.” We finally agreed. The identification as a Kennedy Democrat, however, was meant to be the most vile thing that they could say about any man. Why was this man so despised by the conservatives? The answer may rest on a phrase John F. Kennedy often used in his speeches”a commitment of heart.” Kennedy had made this commitment. We knew it ; that’s why we supported him. They knew it; that’s why they hated him. After talking with many Kennedy Democrats in this state, I fear that the commitment is dying because too many of us are staggering too slowly out of an ether of moderation brought on by the shock of the assassination. If there is any doubt among the Kennedy Democrats as to whether President Johnson has made such a commitment, this doubt has been resolved in his favor, with many supporting him wholeheartedly for the first time. This conclusion, however, is logical, since President Dr. Louis E. Buck Veterinarian House Call Practice GR 2-5879 House Call Fee No More Than Office Call Fee MARTIN ELFANT Sun Life of Canada 1001 Century Building Houston, Texas CA 4-0686 Johnson did support Kennedy in his programs and policies without equivocation. What is surprising is how many Kennedy Democrats are willing to support those elected officials who did not support Kennedy on the gut issues, such as civil rights and redistricting, and have only a commitment to their personal aggrandizement. It has been my experience that our government operation works because we have different points of view that are articulated, communicated, and resolved by people devoted, for whatever reasons, to their point of view. Unless we articulate, cornmunicate, and fight for the Kennedy Democrat point of view, the system will not work. For example, Maury Maverick, Jr., introduced the first lobby control bill ; Bill Kugle and Don Kennard introduced the first loan shark bill; Charley Hughes the first industrial safety bill; Malcolm MacGregor made the first break-through in appropriations for higher education, and Franklin Spears was the first to dare to try to strike all of the segregation laws from the statutes of the state of Texas. All of these men are Kennedy Democrats who made the commitment of heart, and without whom our government would not work. Now the torch is passed to a new generation of Americans who have the responsibility to make the government move down the road of progress. We Kennedy Democrats have this responsibility in Texas. Let us now tell all that we are Kennedy Democrats and that we have a commitment of heart. Tony Korioth, 4807 Kirby Dr., Houston. \(The writer was a member of the House of Representatives from Sherman during The Unenforceable Obligation The other day I was talking to a fellow worker about the U.S. and the U.N. . . . He said the U.S. should have more than one vote in the U.N. . . . the new African nations should not even have a vote because they do not even know how to run their own countries. He went on to say that China of course should be kept out. . . . Our country certainly needs and has to be protected, but the intensity with which he said this seemed to point to something else. . . . Where is the genuine concern for underdeveloped nations, suppressed and denied people? Self-security appears to be a strong motive behind conservatism of this sort. 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