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SHARPLY U P 0 N noontime adjournment each legislative day, the doors of the House and Senate chambers burst inward, and the lobbyists quickly fan out onto the carpeted floors in search of lunchtime companionship, shaking hands, joking, laughing, patting backs, or standing off to one side alertly, surveying the scene and the prospects. “Let’s go have a bowl of soup . . .” and what is the legislator to say? Some plead previous engagements; some say they have too much to do; many go. Nor do the lobbyists miss bets for contacts at the breakfast tables, nor in the evenings; sun-up to bedtime they feed and entertain, befriend and befavor, inform and advise. It must be wearisome work. Lo, the laden tables: Judge E. L. Foster, Phillips Petroleum lobbyist, entertains the Senate on Mondays with drinks, a lavish buffet, and cigars and cigarettes at the Driskill Hotel. He also gave a party for secretaries to the legislators this session. Once a week Homer Leonard and his associates serve catfish and mountain oysters and throw in, as though they needed a third specialty, buttermilk. They have a Senate day, and groups from the. House take turns. Periodically the beer lobby also entertains legislators and their ladies on Lake Austin. One invitation for one of the Senate lunches reads: “TO THE SENATE : You are invited to a catfish luncheon in the Hotel, at 12 noon, on Wednesday, January 23. [Signed] ROGERS SUMMERS BUCHANAN LEONARD” that is, Johnnie B. Rogers, Burke Summers, Buchanan, and Leonard. Bailey Jones, one of the four Austin lobbyists for Lone Star Gas, holds court, as he has for years, at a “breakfast table” in the Austin Hotel coffee shop, where legislators can stop by and have breakfast with him. The east and west Texas chambers of commerce sponsor frequent legislative breakfasts. Members sometimes appear to be hosts of social events that are paid for by lobbyists. Although the Observer does not know this to have been the case in every event now to be cited, there is a strong presumption that it was, because such is the Austin custom. Sen. William Moore, Bryan, gave a quail lunch. Sen. Roy Harrington, Port Arthur, gave a shrimp lunch, the shrimp provided by local sports clubs. \(“A salt water senator who couldn’t come up with his raw product for a party isn’t worth and Mrs. Culp Krueger, El Campo, and former House Speaker and Mrs.Turman jointly invited legislators to a reception and open house at the Club ‘Caravan honoring Lt. Gov. Preston Smith and Speaker of the House Tunnell, “sponsored by the management of Villa Capri and Club Caravan.” Rep. Howard Green, Fort Worth, sent out invitations to a dinner given by the Texas taxicab assn. Lt. Gov. Smith had the Senate to lunch at the Driskill \(all 31 of the Among the more interesting evening parties so far this session: Preston Mangum of Lone Star Gas and Claude Gilmer of the Texas telephone assn. gave a dinner for the Senate state affairs committee at the Austin country club. At the same club, Mobil’s Hugh Stewart, Humble’s Claude Wild, and Texas mid-continent oil & gas assn.’s Bill Abington entertained the Senate at a dinner-dance. Oilman Frank Wood, a member of the game and fish cmsn., had the senquail-and-champagne dinner at Green Pastures, with a dance afterwards. He gave the senators Case pocket knives and their ladies little orchids, and he told them he didn’t want anything but good government. Other banquets and receptions have been given for legislators this session byfor examplethe Texas farm bureau; Bayshore rod, reel, & gun club \(“Cultured oysters from Texas transportation assn.; Texas A.F.L. C.I.O.; Texas real estate assn.; Austin city council, chamber of commerce, and “our four downtown banks”a champagne party; Texas assn. of broadcasters; firefighters; sportsmen’s clubs of Texas \(“our first wild game dinner,” possibly in imitation of Dorsey Wier’s events at the manufacturers’ assn.; Texas assn. of mutual insurance agents; Texas assn. of insurance agents; Texas automobile dealers’ assn.; associated general contractors; league of women voters; Texas landowners’ protective assn.; and San Antonio chamber of commerce \(a “tamalada,” boycotted by Reps. Rudy Esquivel, Jake Johnson, and John Alaniz because it was not Generally legislation is not discussed during the evening banquets. Inviting members of the Senate and House insurance committees to cocktails and dinner, the Texas assn. of insurance agents promised, “Legislation will not be discussed, as we only want to take this opportunity to meet and visit with you.” The associated general contractors last week entertained the legislature, having assured May 2, 1963 5