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“BOW” WILLIAMS When Your Home Policy Expires, Check With Us About Special Savings On Our Homeowners’ Policy GReenwood 2-0545 624 NORTH LAMAR, AUSTIN Let’s Abolish the Poll Tax! Intellectuals, Liberals Criticized Crusade Distributes Films, Tapes, Literature think years of study of the American free enterprise system” and the writings of communists, he said. “I believe the demand for my services speaks for my qualifications.” He has no booking agent, he said, and yet he is booked solidly until March and has engagements 12 months in advance. “What are your qualifkations as a ‘journalist?” he asked. “It’s the same thing. If people weren’t accepting my message, I wouldn’t have the speaking engagements,” he said. Strube said he studied engineering at Washington and engineering and military at California. He graduated in the NROTC program at California. Why did he choose Houston as one of the headquarters of the Crusade? “Basically because I started speaking here,” Strube said. Literature, films, and recordings are sent from the Houston office. “We have one of the best libraries of recordings of Americanism and anti-communism in the country,” he said. Strube said he is not on the organization’s payroll. “I’ve never taken a cent,” he said. “I donate my services except for expenses.” The Crusade sells an 1800-foot tape recording for $5″about the retail price of the tape,” Strube said. “We order the tape in quantity from the manufacturer and record here. If we break even on the tapes ; it’s a miracle,” he said. Money Where does the Crusade get its money? “Our contributions come principally through individuals average American citizens,” Strube said. “Here of .late some businessmen have made larger contributions, but the major contribution in, the Texas office has been $1000. This year I’ve received less than five donations over $300.” Through the California office, he said, there has been some help from “small foundations interested in freedom.” Through collections and contributions, Strube said, the Crusade this year has received about $300,000. How is the money used? “We have work in India, in Africa we’re trying to raise $50,000 for, a rotary press in India.” The daily newspaper which the Crusade helps in India provides jobs for about 500 employees, he said. In what Indian city is the newspaper located? “I’d prefer not to mention the city,” Strube replied. “The write-ups in some papers have gotten back to the communists,” he said, and in some instances they have applied pressure. There is also a magazine in Kerala, Strut:4 said. “The works in these areas aren’t our works,” he said. “We just make contributions to Christians in those areas. They use the funds to put forth the Christian message. “In Korea, two states in India, the Union of South Africa, the Congo, and Kenya the Crusade is furnishing either literature or films or tapes or printing presses to Christians who realize the situation. For example, we have a requisition now for 100,000 copies of Schwarz’s ‘book in Kenya. Then it works in Formosa and in South and Central America.” About 35 percent of the Crusade’s money is used internationally, he said. There can be “no strings attached” to the international programs, he said, “because otherwise these become the works of a foreign power and the communists can link the work in these areas as American work. They’ll use anything to discredit this work.” “We’re combatting communism as Christians,” Strube said, “and we’re trying to get other Christians to do the same. We’d be the first to say we don’t have a panacea.” Some combat communism through a military, others through a business approach. “The idea that our strength is in unity \(in cious thing,” he said. “I think Shintos, ‘Mohammedans, atheists” and members of other religions and non-believers “can fight communism. We happen to be Christians working with Christians.” The Buddhists in Tibet, he said, can convey’ the evils of communism very well. “Co-existence with communism,” he said, “is like ,co-existence with cancer. You can live with it peaceably for a while to the point of death.” Lenin predicted the defeat of capitalism. Khrushchev said the red flag would fly over the planet “in our lifetime.” William/Z. Foster dedicated one of his books to his great-grandson, “who will live in a communist United States.” He cited statements by a number of other communist leaders. Does he advocate foreign aid? “Yes,” he said, “to those countries that have proven themselves morally responsible” and have “historically aligned themselves on the side of freedom.” He is strongly against aid to a communist dictatorship like Yugoslavia, for instance. What about fascist Spain? “I wouldn’t comment on that,” Strube said, adding that he did not like totalitarianism.. In the case of Trujillo’s dictatorship in the Dominican Republic, Strube said our foreign policy may have been “short-sighted” in breaking off relations with his government which “has historically taken a stand against communism,” especially in view of continued relations with “Cuba, Yugoslavia, Poland, and others.” Did he believe, as some of the Crusade literature may have implied, that American liberals who strongly favored domestic programs like federal housing, aid to education, medical care, and school integration were “unconsciously dupes of communism?” “We’re dealing with Marxism, Leninism, and Stalinism,” Strube said. “As for racial problems” and other issues in the United States, “I don’t believe the communists fomented the troubles in Little Rock and New Orleans,” but their tactics are to place “group against group,” to agitate on racial problems, to place “labor against management. They’ll do everything they can.” Asked about references to “pseudo-liberals” and “pseudointellectuals” in Crusade literature, Strube said “I think you’ll find most of the references to pseudo-liberals and pseudo-intellectuals” are used to describe people who advocate “recognition of Red China, surrender on the enemy terms, cultural exchange with communist countries,” and similar policies. “Moral responsibility,” he said, “is the absolute prerequisite” to any kind of agreement in foreign relations. “My only question is this,” he said: “We have over 250,000 men in prison today .. . Why have we isolated them from society?” Because they are “morally irresponsible.” Are the Red Chinese “morally responsible or irresponsible?” he asked. An AFL-CIO report and reports of missionaries who escaped said between ;0 and 50 million people have been exterminated in communist China. American prisoners are still being held. The communist record of “breaking off ‘agreements” must be considered, he said. Has Dr. Schwarz donated all the proceeds from his book YOU CAN TRUST THE COMMUNISTS to the Crusade? “All sales commissions go to the Crusade,” Strube replied. “As to royalty, I can’t commit myself on that. I don’t know if there is a royalty or not.” Lectures, Films, Tapes Life membership in the organization sells for $100, yearly membership for $10. New life members are listed in each monthly issue of the Crusade newsletter. Of 11 new life members listed in the latest newsletter, 9 are from Texas. The literature being circulated by the Crusade \(Obs. Dec. includes a number of pamphlets: “Stake in Your Future,” “What Can I Do? to combat communism,” “CommunismA Disease,” .”The Christian Answer to Communism,” “Communism, Diagnosis Treatment,” “The Communist Interpretation of Peace,” “The Heart, Mind, and Soul of Communism,” and others. The tape recordings, as advertised in the literature, include “over 200 hours of material prepared by such men as Dr. Fred Schwarz.. .. ; Richard Arens, staff director of the House un-Amerian Activities Committee; Representative Walter Judd, Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives; W. P. Strube Jr., President of the Mid-American Insurance Company; Herbert Philbrick, Author of “I Was a Communist for the FBI”; and Martin Dies, formerly chairman of the House Un American Activities Committee . . \(Any two mesOn invitation from civic organizations and authorities, the Crusade presents lectures and films and circulates its literature during special anti-c o mmunist “schools,” “forums” and “weeks.” The outstanding example in Texas was the Dallas Freedom Forum, held in September, as its program states, “in co-operation with the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade.” Enrollment there was 2500. Recent forums have also been held in Austin and Abilene, and one is scheduled. for San Antonio next month. “Freedom Seminars” have been held in a large number of cities throughout the country. Standing folders are, available, with a red cover and a sketch of a hand clinging to barbed wire, a machine-gun tower in the background. The standing caption is “Win the Cold WarOR ELSE!”, with room left at the bottom of the front cover and on the two inside pages for the time and place of the seminar and the lecture and film schedule. One such program for Lake Charles, La., on January 7, 1961, has already been printed. The schedule includes lectures on “Marxist Philosophy,” “Linen’s Program for World Conquest,” “Communism in Current Events,” “Communist Blueprint for Conquest of America,” and “What Can We Do?”, all to be delivered by Strube. Three films will be shown: “A Look at Socialism,” “A Look at Capitalism,” and “Operation Abolition.” “A Look at Socialism” is described on the program: “Starting with Webster’s definition, the philosophy, the substance, the origin, and the record of socialism in practice are objectively studied through dramatizations, actual film footage made in England, and the many other interesting facts at hand.” “A Look at Capitalism” is also explained, “Neither Socialism nor Communism will ,ever become estabilshed in the USA if each generation of Americans gets a clear understanding of our American system of capitalism, how it works, and the comparative advantages it produces for all citizens.” The description of “Operation Abolition”: “It can happen here! Communism in action in San Francisco student riots in May, 1960 . . .” On the reverse side of the program the Crusade’s pamphlets, tape recordings, and films are advertised, and membership dues listed. As in the pamphlets, Schwarz’s book You can Trust the Communists has been advertised and reviewed in the organization’s newsletters. On the front page of the October newsletter, published in Long Beach, California, under the caption “A Book Is Born,” Schwarz’s book is praised by Captain E. R. Barnes, district naval chaplain. “I’ll venture to make a prophecy this book will ‘sell one million copies.” A favorable review is reprinted, followed by several suggestions, including the following: “Present a copy of the book to the educational authorities of your district who have the responsibility for choosing the textbooks for the schools . . . Suggest that it be used as a study book by your Sunday School class, fellowship club, or study group . . . Give copies as Christmas and birthday presents . . . The price is $2.95 and it can be secured from our office, or from your local bookstore.” Indictments The newsletters bristle with indictments of “intellectuals” and “liberals.” The lead paragraph of the December, 1960, issue states: “Words are weapons in the war we are waging for survival. The communists are using these weapons with great skill and are being aided and abetted by their allies. This is illustrated by the tempest that is raging in Communist and pseudo-liberal circles following the great success of our recent anti-Communist schools.” A recent issue of the Crusade newsletter printed in Houston discusses the U-2 controversy and the speculation on whether the Powers’ plane was shot down or knot. “These facets,” the newsletter states, “we’ll leave for the intellectual “dupelomats’ to discuss.” In the December newsletter from California a report in the Christian Century on an appearance by Schwarz during a school at a naval station in Illinois is criticized for “inaccuracy, distortion, and slander. The parallel between the attitude adopted in the Communist press and in the Christian Century is remarkable . . .” The same issue contains an article entitled: “Progress of the Book YOU CAN TRUST THE COMMUNISTS.” The July, 1960, newsletter in a front-page article describes the philosophy behind the Crusade: “The advocates of surrender are gaining ground every day. At present they are primarily located in higher educational and liberal theological circles. The argument advanced is that it is preferable to accept temporary slavery under communism than risk the annihilation of all mankind ‘in an atomic thermo-nuclear war . . . This is a false dilemma. This is not the choice confronting free peoples. The choice is surrender or dedication to God and freedom. “To thwart the Communist objective of conquest, both the external encirclement and internal demoralization must be halted. To halt this demoralization, there is desperate need for a revival of pure religion. An immediate contribution to this can be made by the personal rededication to Christ of every individual reading this article . . . To stop the encirclement we must reach the masses of mankind with the message of Truth. At present they are being deceived , by subtle Communist propaganda and ensnared into the Communist trap. We must reach them with the Truth of Christ and Freedom. “The Christian Anti-Communist Crusade is meeting this challenge with a practical program presented ‘by dedicated, enlightened Christians . . .” THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 3 Dec. 30, ‘1960 BRA I NPOWER Is OUR MOST VITAL RESOURCE! You can’t -dig education oat e the earth. There’s only one place where business and industry can get the educated men and women so vitally needed for future progress. That’s from our colleges and universities. Today these institutions are doing their best to meet the need. But they face a crisis. The demand for brains is increasing fast, and so is the pressure a college applications. More money must be raised each year to expanfl bring faculty salaries up to an adequate standard provide a sound education for the young people who need and deserve it As a practical business mess,