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HESSTON ROW CROP SAVER SAVE UP TO 80% BRAND NEW PRINCIPLE picks up to 80% down maize by actual field tests! For harvesting maize and other row crops. No reel “slobber” or shattered heads. Fits most combines. SEE YOUR PRODUCT OF HESSTON MANUFACTURING Co., Inc. HESSTON KANSAS SE A TORS SPEAKING WASHINGTON The two senators from Texas had a lot to say this week. The senior senator, Lyndon Johnson, said Congress has cut nearly half a billion dollars from the President’s budget, “and we have just barely started.” He a 1 s o called for “an open curtain for full discussion” between the U.S. and Russia via the television airways of both countries. Ralph Yarborough, the junior senator, delivered an outspoken. attack on the GOP and went further to call on the Democratic Party to quit “tiptoeing down Timidity Street” and return to the bold traditions of Franklin Roosevelt in a speech to the national Democratic women’s club. “When the Democratic Party auits tiptoeing down Timidity Street and boldly as Roosevelt proclaims its faith and beliefs in men over money and machines, then will America again place her faith in the party of Jefferson and Jackson, and of Wilson, of Roosevelt, and of Truman,” Yarborough said. Yarborough also told a reporter for Labor, the national newspaper of the railway brotherhoods, “I intend to put human rights above the big money. It’s the working peoplethe farmers and union labor in the citieswho have been my strongest supporters right along,” he said. Johnson noted the President asked for $5.5 billion for four agencies and that the House and Senate cut this $446 million. This was not an “anti-Eisenhower” move but “purely a dollar-andcents proposition,” he said. Johnson said Tuesday he will support the $3.7 billion foreign aid bill reported out by the Senate foreign relations committee “right down the line.” Sen. William Knowland, D., Cal., the Republican leader, seconded the sentiment, so it appeared the Eisen O”El General,” Rudy Gomez, 17-year-old chief of a West Side gang in San Antonio, got ten years in the state pen after admitting shooting a 23-year-old man in the back and then shooting an 18-year-old boy while out on bond in connection with the first shooting. OOne of the three Negro boys from Sherman charged in the rape of a white girl has been committed to Gatesville; he is 15. The other two, both 17, will be tried by Judge W. C. Dowdy of the 59th District Court, it was announced from Sherman. OA Houston FBI agent urged sheriffs in convention in Gal veston to make public the names of juvenile delinquents. OThe state has asked the Court of Criminal Appeals for a rehearing in the vet land case of B. R. Sheffield which the court reversed on certain technicalities. Rep. Joe Kilgore has told the Valley Chamber of Commerce the U.S. Department of Labor has temporarily rescinded and is reconsidering its recent order I raising the bracero pay scale for harvesting black-eyed peas for canners from threefourths of a cent to a penny a pound. The Texas Canners Assn. had protested. fp Oil, Chemical, Atomic Work ers at Port Arthur with the Texas Company, Shell Oil’s Pasadena refinery, and Consolidated Chemical Co. have all obtained a six percent wage increase. OCAW workers at Humble Oil and Refining Co.’s Baytown refinery and Crown Central Petroleum Corp. union workers \(on strike for four agreement on new contracts. OThe State Board of Educa tion increased the number of teachers for a 12-grade school from seven to eight at the minimum a n d tightened up high school graduation requirements. A high school graduate hereafter has to have three years of English, one unit of world history, one of American history, a half in government, two in math, and two in laboratory science. Students can substitute two years of a foreign language or two of vocational courses for one year of science, but then the other year of science would have to be biology, chemistry, physics, or applied science. 0 A 20-year-old Latin-Ameri can Goliad County farmhand ‘ was found hanging from a windmill on the farm of his father. The State B a r Assn. has asked judges over the state to bar from their courtrooms 1800 attorneys who haven’t paid their Some attorneys objected to the requirement they pay these dues before they knew judges would be asked to enforce themas providing “a closed shop union rule.” Texas NAACP has appealed the Tyler district court’s permanent injunction limiting its activities. The Stockdale watermelon festival is June 22 and the Luling watermelon thump will be June 28-29, although the crop is a bit later than expected. Wets beat drys in a countywide Orange County election, 6097-4443. 4. 4* 4. urn to a Fighting Party ship in foreign policy and commended the conscience Democrats are displaying in inquiring into radioactive fallout. “The human race is willing for leadership to be intelligent enough to put a stop to the nuclear explosions before our children and our children’s children are doomed by a polluted earth and air,” he said. Speaking to the brotherhoods’ publication, Yarborough said: “I’ve put human being above big profits in all my campaigns for office. That’s my basic philosophy and I’m too old to change it now.” “Each state has its own definition of a ‘liberal’ or a ‘conservative’,” Yarborough said. “What a man votes for is a better criterion than any such tag. As for me, I call myself a Democrat. I pretty well support the Democratic national platform of 1956.” Yarborough told the publication the railway brotherhoods “have been my most consistent supporters of all. They’ve been a bulwark in every campaign, ever since I became a district judge back in 1936.” Asked his plans in the 1958 Price Spurs AUSTIN Democrats of Texas, assessing its work after its successful May 18 state meeting, has decided to work to help raise funds for the national Democrats next October as it goes about its work of beefing out its county-by-county organization for the party control fight next year. Meanwhile Gov. Price Daniel has been traveling the statehe has visited Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Mineral Wells, and Nacodoches recently holding private meetings with conservative leaders urging them to organize to combat DOT. Daniel has been warning of labor’s rising influence in Texas and has been calling to the attention of leading conservatives the success of the DOT effort. It has been under steady criticism from Daniel and state Democratic executive committee. Daniel is urging an urgent organizational effort and the fulfillment of the executive committee’s $80,000 budget. ‘Daniel aide Harold Winters is anxious to get organization going in South Texas. SDEC chairman Jim Lindsey says work will have to be done in each of the 31 senatorial districts before the summer doldrums begin. DOT has accomplished the shift of its headquarters from the San Antonio office formerly maintained by Mrs. Kathleen. Voigt to an Austin office in the Littlefield building office of Creekmore Fath. Fath told an executive board meeting in A u s t in Saturday, \(which was declared open to the Mimi Steinert “did a fine job of getting records in shape for moving to Austin.” Some of the records were first removed from the San Antonio office by Mrs. Laverne Redwine, a San Antonio loyalist. Fath says they include data on from 20,000 to 25,000 Texans. Mrs. R. D. Randolph, chairman of DOT, reviewed plans for organizing in counties not now represented in DOT she said if volunteers are not found, organi elections, he said he hadn’t decided what to do yet. He told the Democratic women he is adjusting to a “changed way of life” in Washington where there was a kind and generous attitude after five years of political strife in Texas “where every force of greed and avarice were aligned against us to destroy us.” Sen. Tom Connally introduced Yarborough at the speech as a truly loyal Democrat. His Troops zers may be sent inand she discussed plans for organization “workshops” to be conducted around the state in August. Chris Dixie, Houston labor lawyer, was elected state finance chairman. A draft of a 24-page booklet on the May 18 convention was reviewed; Fath says from five to ten thousand will be mailed out initially. Albert Pena, newly elected director of the Bexar County Democrats of Texas at a stormy meeting attended by 200 Democrats, moved at the Austin meeting that the executive board instruct. DOT’s county-based steering committee to prepare a strong statement of policy at its September meeting. He accepted an amendment that the committee study a statement, and the motion passed. The issues were whether the May 18 meeting’s resolution settled the matter for a year or whether the broad-based steering committee would have the authority to adopt other resolutions. The committee probably vvill have recommendations ready in time for the next full meeting of the DOT. Mrs. Minnie Fisher Cunningham, New Waverly, moved the DOT ask Daniel to inclUde party registration in his special session call, and this was agreed to. After extensive discussion, the group resolved to advise the Democratic national committee and the state Democratic executive committee they want to aid and support the October “Dollars. for Democrats” campaign. \(“We will be willing to do anything we can to help out,” Fath says. “The group’s feeling is that the important thing is to see that the national quota for T e x a s is An organization insigniaa star with a large dot in the center was adopted. It was decided proxies would be limited to persons from a board member’s district or, for members at large and officers, to any person designated, except that no person can have more than one vote at a board meeting. THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 8 June 14, 1957 Lyndon Tells of Budget hower foreign aid program would clear Congress with only minor cuts. Johnson also backed up the President’s program, which he advocated before the President did. to convert foreign aid gifts to foreign loans. Johnson said loans to needy allies had been repaid regularly and the Treasury had reaped $127 million in interest payments on them. The senior senator also suggested the communists be asked to let the U.S. present its side of the disarmament dispute, on Soviet television, as Nikita Krus hev used American TV recently. He called it an “open curtain” policy. “Let the Russians say what they wish …. I do not believe that there will be any communist converts,” he said. But the program ought to be reciprocal, he emphasized. `A Grain of Truth’ Yarborough told the Democratic club there was a “grain of truth” in the criticism. of recent years that the Democratic Party is not bold and aggressive enough between elections to win the big ones. This, he said, is attributable more to the status of the party, a “whole atmosphere or climate,” than to the personality of personnel “viewed either individually or collectively.” Democrats lack a more vigorous opposition to Republicanism because the people are well off, he said; the leaders hesitate to press legislation if its defeat seems likely. “It’s difficult for those in power to lead a revolution against themselves,” he said. “The fact the Democrats hold part of the government power seems to have im Cuts; Ralph Asks for Ret mobilized them, to a degree, in what would otherwise certainly I be an all-out war of righteous in , dignation against the studied fi nancial injustices and inequities at home and the dull fumblng of foreign policy abroad of the ad ministration.” It is, he said, going to take “resolute men and women to turn the nation back to the idealism of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt. We need a modern Jeremiah in every state and every city. We need at least 200 wornen’s Democratic clubs …” The administration, he said, under a “cult of dollar worship,” has “reached down into the pockets of the taxpayer and taken $778 millions in tax write-offs and given these to the big power companies.” “The discount rate is the greatest filching of the public purse done by this administration,” he said; on a $10,000 housing loan, total interest over a 25-year period is about 20 percent, he maintained. Agriculture Secretary Ezra Benson wants a system like Russia’s collectivized farms, he said, with small farmers pushed off the farms. “Benson thinks small farmers can be cared for easier in bread lines than on the farms, We cannot let a million of our small farmers leave the farms,” he said. Yarborough also attacked Republicans for failure to lower taxes for the lower income groups. Democrats, he said, “must quit worrying over whether some potential large contributor will be offended.” The party “will show us out of the night that now shrouds us” as it has /in the past. He mentioned Johifson’s leader The Week in Texas OJ. Elvetts Haley has opened state headquarters of “Texans for America” \(Texas branch Other chapters are located in Austin, San Antonio, and Cleburne.