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Texas Press Pro-Ike Wealthy Republicans in Texas banked the national GOP warchest more than three times as much as rich Texas Democrats contributed to their party. Principal explanation :. more rich Republicans. The Observer has obtained a copy of the Gore report on elections expenditures for the recent national campaign. G 0 P contributions over $500 from Texans total $93,500; the Democrats received $27,900 in amounts larger than $500 from Texans. Houstonians led the big contributors for the Democrats, but San Antonio led for the Republicans, principally because of the gifts from members of three families. The W. L. Clay -tons’ gift of $4,900 \(supplemented by another of $5,000 which they made as Kenten’s $3,500 were the main items in the $15,900 total from heavy giving Houston Democrats. The largest family contribution to the national Democrats \(apart from the Clay tons’ double gift of John. Garwoods of Austin. Members of the Akin family of Dallas contributed $4,000. On the Republican side, $10,000 from the Slicks, .$7,500 from the Moormans, and $6,000 from the Urschels boosted the San Antonio total to $26,500-almost as much as the entire total for the Democrats. Dallas was second for the GOP with $21,000, including $6,000 from Jake Hamon and $5,000 from the W. P. Luces. Houston. Republicans contributed $18,750; the E. W. Browns, Jr., of Orange Riley Allison, El Paso, $1,000; E. W. Brown, Jr., Orange, $2,500 and $2,500; Mrs. E. W. Brown, jr., Orange, $2,500 and $2,500; Jack P. Burrus, Dallas, $1,000; Benjamin Clayton, Houston, $1,000; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cliburn, Victoria, $500; Ernest Cockrell, Jr., Houston, $500; J. S. Cullinan, Houston, $500; A. H. Dillard, Wichita Falls, $500; Mrs. James R. Dougherty, Beeville, $3,000; F. W. Dye, Dallas, $500; Albert B. Fay, Houston, $500; D. D. Feldman, Dallas, $1,500; C. M. Frost, Houston, $500; John A. Gillin, Dallas, $2,000; Max Glazer, Dallas, $1,500; W. C. Goldston, Houston, $500; W. L. Goldston, Houston, $500 and $500; Ewing Halsell, San Antonio, $500; Jake L. Hamon, Dallas, $3,000 and $3,000; Oveta C. Hobby, Houston, $1,000; William K. Holt, San Antonio, $500; Edward J. Hudson, Houston, $1,000; Paul Kayser, Houston, $2,000; Carl B. King, Dallas,. $500; Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Luce, Dallas, $5,000; H. N. Mallon, Dallas, $500; J. C. Maxwell, Fort Worth, $500; W. H. McFadden, Fort Worth, $500; P. J. McGuire, Houston, $500; Frank W. Michaux, Houston, $1,000; W. A. Moncrief, Fort Worth, $2,000; Mrs. Kathleen L. Moore, Houston, $500; Mrs. Betty S. Moorman, San Antonio, $2,500; J. Lewis Moorman, Jr., San Antonio, $3,000; J. Lewis Moorman, San’ Antonio, $2,000; S. I. Morris, Jr., Houston, $750; L. A. Nordan, San Antonio, $1,000; L. W. O’Connor Trust Estate, Victoria, $1,000; Mrs. Mary V. O’Connor, Victoria, $750; H. C. Otis, Dallas, $500; Bryan AUSTIN A survey of Texas daily newspapers on their editorial preferences in the recent campaign sholls that 30 were for Ike, seven were for Stevenson, and 15 said they were independent. The survey was conducted nationally by Editor and Publisher, house organ of the newspaper publishing business. Those papers in Texas favoring Eisenhower included the Beaumont Enterprise, Beaumont Journal, Brenham Banner Press, Childress Index, Cuero Record, Dallas News, Dallas Times Herald, Denton Reccird Chronicle, Edinburg Review, El Paso Times, El Paso Herald Post, Fort Worth Press, Fort Worth Star Telegram, Gainesville Register, Galveston News, Galveston Tribune, Greenville Banner, Houston Post, Houston Press, Kilgore NewsHerald, Longview Journal, Longview News, Lufkin News, Nacog W. Payne, Tyler, $500; Lawrence Pollack, Dallas, $500; John F. Riddell III, Houston, $500; P. R. Rutherford, Houston, $1,000; A. A. Seeligson, San Antonio, $500; Earl F. Slick; San Antonio, $3,000 and $3,000; Torn Slick, San Antonio, $3,000 and $1,000; Kenneth Steere. Dallas, $500; Mr. and Mrs. J. Meredith Tat-‘ ton, Refugio, $500; Vernon F. Taylor, San Antonio, $500; S. Bernice Urschel, San Antonio, $2,500; Charles F. Urschel, San Antonio, $2,500; Charles F. Urschel, Jr., San Antonio, $1,000; J. K. Wadley. Texarkana, $1,000; Mrs. Harry C. Weiss, Houston, $3,000; P. H. Welder, Victoria, $3,000; Mrs. Harry C. Wiess, Houston, $3,000 \(the entry for doches Sentinel, Palestine Herald Press, Port Arthur News, San Angelo Standard Times, San Angelo Standard, San Antonio Express, San Antonio News, and Taylor Press. Those papers endorsing Stevenson included Abilene Reporter News, Corsicana Sun, Jacksonville Progress, Lamesa Reporter, Marlin Democrat, Mexia News, and the Wichita Falls Times. Papers listed as “independent”: Austin American, Austin Statesman, Baytown Sun, Bryan Eagle, Corpus Christi Caller, Corpus Christi Times, Gonzales Inquirer, Harlingen Valley Morning Star, Odessa American, Orange Leader, Pampa NeWs, Tyler Courier Times, Tyler Telegraph and the Vernon Record. Among papers conspicuous for their non’-participation in the survey were the pro-Eisenhower Houston Chronicle and Waco newspapers. Mrs. “Weiss” is at 2 Sunset Road, the entry for Mrs. “Wiess” is for 2 Sunset Boulevard; they are ert F. Windfohr, Fort Worth, $1,000; Watson W. Wise, Tyler, $1,000; Angus Wynn, Jr., Dallas, $1,000; Marshall R. Young, Fort Worth, $500. The Observer drew this record of Texas contributors from “Consolidated List of Contributors of $500 and Over to Political Campaigns,” Jan. 1, 1956 -Oct. 21, 1956, a committee print of the subcommittee on privileges and elections, committee on rules and administration, United States Senate, dated Nov. 2, 1956. THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 7 Nov. 21, 1956 GOP Overwhelms Demos Campaign Contributions AUSTIN gave $10,000; Victoria was fourth with $5,250; Fort Worth Republicans gave a total of $4,500, and other GOP contributions were scattered. On the national level, contributions to Democratic organizations of $500 or more between Jan. 1. and Oct. 21, 1956 were $974,648, while the Republicans raised an equivalent amount of $4,687,257. Hence Democrats fared slightly better among wealthy Texans than among wealthy Americans. The Texas contributors of more than $500 to Democratic organizations: J. G. Akin, Dallas, $1,000 and $1,000; Mrs. Jim Grant Akin, Dallas, $1,000; Mrs. W. B. Akin, Dallas, $1,000; C. D. Anderson, Jr.. Bovina, $500; Jack Blalock, Houston, $1,000; Hon. W. L. Clayton, Houston, $2,400; Mrs. W. L. Clayton, Houston, $2,500 \(Mr. and Mrs. Clayton gave another $5,000 as ‘ \\ W. N. Foster, Conroe, $500; Frank Frankel, Houston, $1,500; Hon. W. St. John Garwood, Austin, $500; Mrs. W. St. John Garwood, Austin, $5,000; J. R. Parten, Houston, $1,000 and $2,500; Philley E. David, Houston, $2,500; John D. Pitman, Hereford, $1,000; Lt. Gov. Ben Ramsey, Austin, $500; Percy S. Straus, Jr., $1,000; Franklin D. Wadsworth, Houston, $500, $500, and $500. The Texas contributors of more that $500 to Republican organizations: LEGALS NOTICE is given of the INTENTION TO INCORPORATE under the laws of Texas the undersigned business firm, presently a partnership, with its office at 1122 East Houston Street, San Antonio, Texas. CITY CA_RBONIC CO.. By H. H. PIEHL CITATION BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF TEXAS in the hereinafter styled and numbered cause: You are hereby commanded to appear before the 126th District Court of Travis County, Texas, to be held at the courthouse of said county in the City of Austin, Travis County, Texas, at or before 10 o’clock A. M. of the first Monday after the expiration of 42 days from the date of issuance hereof ; that is to say, at of before 10 o’clock A.M. of Monday the 17th day of December, 1956, and answer the petition of plaintiff in Cause Number 105,473, in which Eve Seeley Howell is Plaintiff and Marshall said Court on the 26 day of October, 1956, and the nature of which said suit is as follows: Being an action and prayer for judgment in favor of Plaintiff and `against Defendant for decree of divorce dissolving the bonds of matrimony heretofore and now existing between said parties ; Plaintiff alleges cruel treatment on the part of Defendant towards her of such a nature as to render their further living together as husband and wife altogether insupportable ; Plaintiff further alleges that there are no minor children now living, the result of said marriage and no community property was acquired ; Plaintiff further prays for relief, general and special ; All of which more fully appears from Plaintiff’s Original Petition on file in this office and to which reference is here made ; If this citation is not served within 90 days after date of its issuance, it shall be returned unserved. Witness, 0. T. Martin, Jr., Clerk of the District Courts of Travis County, Texas. Issued and given under my hand and the seal of said Court at office in the City of Austin, this the 29th day of October, 1956. 0. T. MARTIN, JR., Clerk of the District Courts, Travis County, Texas. By GEO. W. BICKLER, Deputy. SHERIFF’S SALE BY VIRTUE of a certain Execution issued by the Clerk of the 98th District Court of Travis County, Texas, on the 9th day of October, 1956, in a certain Cause No. 99,382, wherein John Plasky, is Plaintiff, and B. A. Hodges and wife, Gladys Hodges, are Defendants, in favor of the said Plaintiff for the sum of Eighty-seven Thousand Sixty-nine and interest thereon at the rate of 6 per centum per annum from the 28th day of May, 1956, together with all costs of suit, that being the amount of a judgment recovered by the said John Plasky, Plaintiff, in the 98th District Court of Travis County, on the 28th day of May, A. D., 1956. I, on the 31st day of October, A. D. 1956, at 10:30 o’clock A. M., have levied upon, and will, on the 4th day of De cember, 1956, that being the first Tuesday in said month, at the Court House door in the City of Austin, within legal hours, proceed to sell for cash, to the highest bidder, all the right, title and interest of B. A. Hodges and wife, Gladys Hodges, in and to the following described property, levied upon as the property of B. A. Hodges and wife Gladys Hodges, and said property ,pointed out to Sheriff for levy by Plaintiff’s attorney, to-wit: 3.97 acres of land out of the James B. Rogers Survey No. 19, in Travis County, Texas, and being also a portion of that 69 acre tract described in deed from Addie Shults et al. to Roland Helge, recorded in Book 765, Page 311, Travis County Deed Records, described by metes and bounds as follows: BEGINNING at an iron stake which is on the W. line of the T & NO Railroad Spur tract, and which is on the above mentioned 69 acre tract, said iron stake being N. 29 deg. 52 min. E 707. 18 feet and N. 20 deg. 19 min. W 1215.91 feet from a set stone which is the S.E. corner of the above mentioned 69 acre tract, said set stone being also the S. E. corner of the James B. Rogers Survey No. 19, the N. E. corner of the James P. Wallace Survey No. 18, the N. W. corner of the George W. Davis Survey No. 15, and the S. W. corner of the John Applegate Survey No. 58 as recognized and used upon the ground, said set stone being also the N.E. corner of a 26.84 acre tract out of the James P. ‘Wallace Survey No. 18 as described in deed recorded in Book X, Page 552, Travis County Deed Records ; THENCE N. 72 deg. 58 min. W. 533.07 feet to an iron stake on the East line of Farm to Market Road No. 1325, and from which stake a concrete monument placed by the State of Texas on the E. line of said Road bears S. 17 deg. 02. min. W. 154.13 feet; THENCE with the E. line of said road N. 17 deg. 02 min. E. 540 feet to an iron stake in the curving S. W. line of the T & NO Railroad Company Right of Way as conveyed by deed recorded in Book 688, Page 512, Travis County Deed Records ; THENCE with the curving SW line of said Railroad Right of Way 25 feet distant from and parallel to the center line of said Right of Way an arc distance of 336.58 feet, said curve having a radius of 548.7 feet and a chord of which runs S. 37 deg. 54 min. E. 331.44 feet to an iron stake at point of tangency; THENCE with the W. line of said Railroad Right of Way 25 feet distant from and parallel to the center line of said Right of Way S. 20 deg. 19 min. E 439.72 feet to the place of beginning, cntaining 3.97 acres and being the same property conveyed by Roland Helge et ux. to B. A. Hodges by deed dated November 21, 1955, recorded in Book 1696, Page 330, Travis County Deed Records, together with all improvements thereon. THE ABOVE SALE to be made by me to satisfy the above described judgment for $87,069.34, in favor of John Plasky, together with the costs of said suit, and the proceeds applied to the satisfaction thereof. T. 0. LANG, Sheriff, Travis County, Texas, By HENRY KLUGE, Deputy Austin Texas, October 31, 1956. THE STATE OF TEXAS To any Sheriff or any Constable within the State of Texas-GREETING: You are hereby commanded to cause to be published, ONCE, not less than ten days before the return day thereof, in a newspaper printed in Travis County, Texas, the accompanying citation, of which the herein below following is a true copy-but if there be no newspaper so ‘printed ‘in said County, then that you cause the said citation to be posted for at least TEN days before the return term thereof as required by CITATION BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF TEXAS TO all persons interested in the estate of Margaret Sinclair, Deceased. No. 17,373, County Court, Travis County, Texas. Helen Sinclair Mason, Executrix thereof, filed in the County Court of Travis County, Texas, on the 14th day of November, A.D. 1956, her Final Account of the condition of the Estate of said Margaret Sinclair, Deceased, together with an Application to be discharged from said Estate. Said Final Account and Application will ‘be heard and acted on by said Court on the first Monday next after the expiration of ten days from date of Posting or Publishing this citation, the same being the 3rd day of December, 1956, at the Courthouse thereof in Austin, Texas, at which time and place all persons interested in the Account for Final Settlement of said Estate are required to appear by filing a written answer and contest said account and application should they choose to do so. The officer executing this writ shall promptly serve the same according to requirements of law, and the mandates hereof, and make due return as the law directs. Given under my hand and the seal of, said Court at office in Austin, Texas; thiS the 15th day of November, A.D. 1956. EMILIE LIMBERG, . Clerk of the County Court, Travis County, Texas. NO. 14,273 IN THE COUNTY COURT AT LAW OF TRAVIS COUNTY, TEXAS. Cabaniss-Brown, Inc. vs. Bobbie Joyce