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Address WEEK IN TEXAS Dallas YD’s Back NAACP in Crisis DALLAS The Young Democratic Club of Dallas County adopted a resolution pledging support to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in the latter group’s fight for survival in Texas. In the same resolution the official youth branch of the Democratic Party in Texas charged Attorney General John Ben Shepperd with misuse of his office and tax funds in “the perpetration of witchhunts designed to curtail the rights of any citizen or group of citizens.” Doyle King, president of the young democrats, said citizens of this nation, and be it the club would do everything in its power to assist in obtaining implementation o f the Supreme Court’s decision ending segregation in the schools. He said the club had voted to assist “in the preparation, financing and presentment of legal actions” on behalf of Negroes in Dallas County. The resolution says in part: “Whereas the Democratic Party and the Young Democratic Clubs of America. of Texas and of Dallas County have an historic record of the defense of individual freedom and liberty, and “Whereas any attack on the freedom or liberty of any individual or group of individuals constitutes an attack on the basic rights of all free peoples, and “Whereas it is not only the right, but the duty, of all Americans to aid their fellowman in his attempts to attain his equal rights within the law, and “Whereas the Attorney General. of the State of Texas, has instituted action aimed at outlawing the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, because that Association has sought judicial action to secure equal rights for citizens denied their constitutional rights, and “Whereas said Attorney General has announced in his legal pleadings that such activities are “against the policy of the State”; therefore, be it “Resolved that the Young Democratic Club of Dallas County publicly decry any attempt by any State official to establish any policies in the name of the State of Texas that infer, imply or have the effect of curtailing the activities of any organization devoted to the furthering of liberty among Governor Calls Adlai Names AUSTIN Gov. Allan Shivers charges that Adlai Stevenson’s proposed efforts to halt H-bomb testing “smites about as much political irresponsibility as I can imagine.” The governor, in a press conference before starting a stump tour for President Eisenhower, termed Stevenson’s H-bomb proposal as “playing at the heartstrings” to trY to win applause. “He lacks common sense, political morality, or both. I don’t think either the United States or the free world can afford to risk its future with men of that little judgment or experience,” said Shivers. The governor predicted Eisenhower would carry Texas again this year “if the people become sufficiently interested in getting out the vote.. He said he won’t call a special Senate election until after the November 6 general election. Daniel Studies Water Shortage ABILENE Price Daniel, the next governor, has been reading more about the water problem than on any other single subject, he says; he is determined to get a solution for it from the Legislature if he has to keep them in session all next year. He is also considering a constitutional amendment to permit Texas to participate in the federal old-age pension program up to the legal limit. He is in favor of state participation in the buying of rights of way and full participation. in the federal highway program. Water, he believes, is the state’s principal economic problem. “I will keep calling them \(the leguntil it is solved, he says. He has not studied Governor Shivers’s twenty-point integration program and has not studied the subject enough to make up his mind about his policy on it, he said. He says the NAACP hearings in Tyler prove the group supported Ralph Yarborough for governor. OFormer Aransas Pass police chief Felix Turnbaugh filed a $50,140 damage suit against Nueces County Sheriff Odern Dolan charging the sheriff arrested him “maliciously and without probable cause and with the intent, design and purpose” of injuring his reputation. Turnbaugh, arrested on a drunk charge after he supported Odem’s political opponent, was fired by the Aransas Pass city council. He later was found not guilty of the charge by a justice court jury. An election to recall the Aransas Pass city council has been set for Nov. 20. The petition for the election, signed by 300 citizens, was filed after the council failed to hold a public hearing before voting to fire Turnbaugh. OParent-Teacher Associations of three El Paso schools passed resolutions asking passage of laws controlling the overloading of school buses. OFire of undetermined origin did an estimated $500,000 damage at the Westinghouse Electric Supply Co., in Lubbock. OA Gregg County Fair mid way game which offered dolls to players who could pitch basketballs through a hoop closed after only two days operation. Sharpshooting members of the Kilgore College national champion junior college team marched off with 14 dolls the first night and returned the next evening to clean out the other 16. OA test suit to determine whether the state will be ordered to refund about $4 -million of taxes collected under the invalidated natural gas gathering tax law will be heard by the Third Court of Civil Appeals on Feb. 6. OA cotton planting allotment of 7,547,503 acres for 1957 in Texas, an increase of 136,610 acres over the current allotment, was announced by the U. S. Department of Agriculture. OA closed-door court of in quiry into the bombing of veterans land scandal witness Sam McCollum III was conducted at Brady. Twelve witnesses were questioned, among them B. R. Sheffield, Brady land promoter who is under a 10-year conviction in connection with the land fraud cases. Barrett, an ill-timpered par rot in the Houston zoo, is causing zoo officials embarassment because of his bad language. A woman complained that when she inquired “Polly want a cracker?” the bird answered, “Go to hell.” OFormer governor W. Lee 0’Daniel and his son, Pat, filed affidavits that their six life insurance companies are now doing sufficient business to meet minimum state requirements. ODr. Jack 0. Knowles, a Flor ida veterinarian, told delegates to the American Medical Veterinary Association convention that tranquilizing pills are proving an answer to the postman’s prayertransforming mean mutts into docile dogs. OMrs. N. S. Campise, of Hous ton, filed a $15,000 damage suit against the Greater Galveston Beach Association alleging the organization used a picture of her in a white bathing suit on its advertising posters without her permission. She said it has caused her “much embarassment and mental anguish.” ODr. C. Y. Dorsey of Dallas is heading a group of 30 Baptist ministers who are on a twoweek evangelistic tour of Southern Baptist Home Missions in Alaska. OFormer Galveston Police Chief Fred M. Ford, who was found guilty of income tax evasion and sentenced to four years in prison, lost his final round of appeal when the U. S. Supreme Court refused to hear his case. The 55-year-old Ford, isle police chief from 1940-47 after joining the force as a rookie in 1925, is now employed as a jailer at the Galveston County j ail. OMayor Oscar Holcombe an nounced 17 promotions in completely reorganizing the Houston Police Department. further “Resolved that the Young Democratic Club of Dallas County publicly avow its support and confidence in the NAACP and any organization which undertakes legitimate actions to seek legal reversal of laws denying equality to all, and in its actions seeking the enforcement of laws and judicial decrees guaranteeing that equality, and be it finally “Resolved that the Young Democratic Club of Dallas County does voice its. unanimous objection to the use of public tax funds in the perpetration of witchhunts designed to curtail the rights of any citizen or group of citizens, or to prevent attainment of equal rights by any or all citizens of this State or Nation.” In explaining the Dallas Young Demos’ position in the NAACP controversy, King said: “We think Negro Citizens and their organizations are entitled to bring these suitsjust as we thought o t her individuals or groups were and are entitled to seek judicial determination of the validity of a school board’s decision to desegregate. However, once that question has been resolved by the highest court, all men of good faith, who believe in due process of law, are bound to accept and abide by that decision. “…. It is the policy of the YOung Democratic Club of Dallas County to do whatever we can do as individuals and as an organization to help any and all persons ‘to achieve their full constitutional rights which have heretofore been denied them, including active assistance in the preparation, financing, and presentment of legal actions.” WILCO r S SICK LEAVE PLAN Protects You On AND Off the Job! Available to small groups of employees from five to fifty To large groupsup to thousands And to individuals! WESTERN INDEMNITY LIFE INSURANCE CO. Affiliated with School Board Group Favors Race Tolerance AUSTIN Some 150 members of the Texas Association of School Boards passed a resolution favoring “tolerance in racial and religious matters.” There was only one dissenting vote. Frank Poole, president of the San Angelo school board, introduced the resolution urging “each district and its educators and administrators to practice and teach by example the fundamental American philosophy of tolerance in racial and religious matters. We urge each local district to approach the question of integration with the dignity befitting an institution dedicated to the teaching of American principles.” IF YOU BUY A CAR, A HOUSE; If any of your policies expireCALL The Texas Observer now has subscribers in all of the 254 counties of Texas. Do you subscribe? If notfill out the blank below. If soget a friend to fill it out! …… 40. 41. dP 4111. 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