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INSURANCE COMPANY This Week in Texas ky AUSTIN “Interposition” was taken up by the Governor and the Attorney.General of Texas last week as a possible way to prevent enforcement of the Supreme Court decision against school segregation. it An aide-de-camp to Gov. Thomas B. Stanley of Virginia gave members of Gov. Shivers’s staffat his requesta summary of a recent conference of five Southern governors on the revived doctrine, with which they hope to interpose state sovereignty between the Supreme Court and the schools. Atty.’ Gen. Shepperd told 30 Texas Citizens’ Council leaders in Austin that should the special session of the Legislature develop in March, a resolution in favor of interposition could b_e considered by that body. _ The Citizens’ Council group conferred with Shepperd two hours, then mapped a campaign for interposition in Texas. Ross Carlton, head of the Texas Council, said more than 1,000 Dallas citizens have signed a petition to the Legislature asking for a statement against integration. Carlton said the Councils have 20,000 members in Texas now and that a majority of Texans oppose school integration. _ Shepperd told them he favored “interposition” but doubted if it could be invoked in the courts because of the Texas Supreme Court ruling that school segregation is not legal in view of the U.S. Supreme Court’s position. Shepperd suggested the Legislature be asked to pass a law “removing the effect of” the Big Spring decision. Shepperd said the doctrine might be The hospital says some had to be turned away because of a’ lack of bed space. Jesse ‘Jones of Houston will get the Sons of the American Revolution ‘medal for good citizenship Feb. 22 in,Houstonand Rep. Joseph Martin ., Jr., House Republican leader, will speak on’ George Washington. Norman Thomas, socialist leader, spoke at College Station last week under the students’ Great Issues program. Jimmy Allred, a first lieutenant in the Air Force, safely landed a .plane with eleven others aboard after engine trouble developed after takeoff. Allred, son of former governor, now judge James Allred of Corpus, landed the plane in the snow. Corpus Christi’s committee for clean literature intends to disband after issuing a report on “lewd publications” on Corpus newsstands. The committee does not want publications sold which describe sexual vice or perversion or other criminal tivity, suggest how to commit vices or crimes, or make vice and sin “interesting and exciting.” Paul Harvey, the commentator, spoke on “West Texas Twenty Years from Today” before El Paso’s Pro America group last week. The Texas C.I.O. Political Action Committee endorsed the teacher retirement amendmen t. Sherman Miles of Corsicana, State CIO president, said “this will be one way the state can compensate the custodians of our children for their long and faithfiil work.” The committee urged high schools to teach social security and workmen’s and unemployment compensation. O. The Texas State Federation of Labor has filed charges of unfair labor tactics with the National Labor Relations Board against Blue CrossBlue Shield of Texas, whose employees recently voted against a union. About 230 lawyers and international andlocal union leaders attended a three-day labor law institute used in other areas of states’ rights. Ray Greene, Gilmer newsman, suggested oil and gas and ‘ownership of the tidelands might be such areas. Shepperd was asked ‘what would happen if a district refused to desegregate its schools. He replied : “That’s a $64,000 question. The Supreme Court will leave enforcement to federal district courts. It could hold you in contempt ‘for refusal. \(to obtrustees a n d -superintendents will spend some time in jail.” He predicted “some violent conflicts between federal and state courts.” “It may wind up as a question of who has the jailhouse key,” said one East Texan. PARK discrimination was alleged in a petition to the Attorney General from Negro leaders of the state, including Arthur DeWitty of Austin and U. Simpson Tate,. Dallas attorney and Southwestern counsel of N.A.A.C.P. Said the petition: “During the … 27 years from 1923 to 1950 \(subsequent to the establishthe state acquired lands valued at more than $6 million and improvements thereon of a value in excess of $33 million and developed some 30-odd state parks, all of which were devoted by custom, habit, and tradition to the use and enjoyment of the white citizens of this state, with not one square foot of land, net a shred of timber, nor a bush or a water spring devoted to the use of the Negro citizens of this state.” The Texas Observer Page 8 Feb. 8, 1956 sponsored by Texas AFL in Austin last weekend. Most of the lectures were by members of the Dallas firm of Mullinax andWells. A book on Texas labor law will be forthcoming in 90 days. Texas-U.S. Chemical Co. in Port Neches intends to increase production of butadiene and styrene 35 percent this year. The Houston grand jury called for the death penalty for secondoffense dope sellers and narcotics .education in high schools. It asked a Negro investigator be added to the district attorney’s staff for work on capital cases against Negroes. The Texas Citizens’ Council has filed a brief against desegregation of the Corp-us Christi swimniing pool with the city legal department there. North Texas State College en rolled a Negro pupil. A federal judge ordered Texarkana Junior College to treat Negro applicants as it does white applicants. James Cage has become president of. ICT Insurance Company of Dallas, formerly Insurance Company 111 or Texas. BenJack Cage is chairman of the board. Oilwsarkers for Continental Oil and Ethyl Corp. have been given a six percent wage and salary ity. crease. Trial of B. R. Sheffield, charged on nine counts of felony theft and 31 other counts in Austin in the veterans’ land scandal, has been set foe March 5. The Houston Post and San Ads tonio Express asked Eisenhower to run again in editorials. Mrs. Oveta Clap Hobby, former Eisenhower cabinet member, is now publisher of tho Post. The license of Girlstown, U.S.A., has been revoked by the State Public Welfare Department on grounds not specified but said to involve treatment of the girls detained there. The institution is in Cochran County at Whiteface. In an editorial, the Lufkin Daily News urged a draft movement to keep John Ben Shepperd in office another term. Coinmtknding his “ability, and courage,” the editorial said Shep 77 perd acted for the people in the Port Arthur strike, Duval County, veterans’ land prosecutions, and insurance investigations. Gov. Shivers announced his sup port of the Harris natural gas bill last week because he opposes “federal control of any production, gas or other.” Senator Lyndon Johnson, in Washington debate, accused “dashing /young liberals” of “getting in bed” with the utilities by opposing the bill. Texas also figured in the debate when Sen. Paul Douglas of Illinois cited. a $2.7 million-a-year natural gas rate increase proposed by a Houston company as “another illustration of what the bill would cost the American people.” Texas farmers’ cash income. dropped four percent in 1955, Texas Business Review reported. Among decreases from 1954: calves 7 percent, cotton 10, hogs 14, wheat 36, and flaxseed, 61; among increases: eggs 4, cattle 20, mohair 4, and peanuts 129. Supreme Court Associate Justice William 0. Douglas said in Dallas Russians are friendly toward America and are “fine people as indiyiduals”; Russia is anxious for peaceful coexistence, still has a long way to go by U.S. standards; and that Russia has more doctors per capita than the U.S., but that he prefers the American system of medical care to Russia’s socialized medicine. Ben Ramsey, Texas Lieutenant Governor, in Washington representing the Deep East Texas Electric Co-operative before the R.E.A., said more Texas insurance companies –“9hould hit the wall todayand not tomorrow.” He said he told Paul Butler, ‘national Democratic chairman, “Our Texas situation looks good for the Democrats.” Rep. I. T. Rutherford of Odessa wants the U.S. to build a fifteenmile fence at El Paso to keep Mexicans from entering the U.S: illegally. Rep. Joe Kilgore of McAllen says this wanid be an “affront” to Mexico. . City Manager Dean Dauley of Grand Prairie is investigating repoets, which he says have substance, that Dallas’s Parkland Memorial ‘Hospital has turned away charity patients, sometimes with fatal consequence. `INTERPOSITION’ BACKED PROTECTS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! ALL FORMS OF LIFE INSURANCE ALSO SICKNESS 4/ ACCIDENT HOSPITALIZATION More Than 112 Million Policyholders Depend On NABLICO” To See Them Through Misfortune ti. oRAyesdrt Preadeat 4793 11011INE DALLAS, TEXAS