Democrats Getting Butt Kicked (So Far) in the ‘Burbs

Democrats Getting Butt Kicked (So Far) in the ‘Burbs

The Democrats are lagging badly in suburban districts, where they had picked up seats in 2008. In a spot-check of six key races in the ‘burbs, the Dems are trailing in every one. Mostly we have early voting returns at this point but it’s still not a good sign overall… 

The real bad news is that:

    -In an Irving district that Democrats should have won in 2008, challenger Loretta Haldenwang is down 43%-54% to Republican state Rep. Linda Harper-Brown.

    -In Williamson County, north of Austin, Democratic state Rep. Diana Maldonado is trailing Larry Gonzales 38% to 59%.

    -Dem state Rep. Kristi Thibaut of Houston is down a whopping 20 points to GOP challenger Jim Murphy.

The not-quite-as-bad news for Democrats in the ‘burbs is that:

    -Dem state Rep. Paula Pierson lags behind her challenger Barbara Nash, 46% to 51%.

    -Dem state Rep. Robert Miklos is behind Cindy Burkett 47% to 53%.

    -Dem state Rep. Chris Turner – whose former boss Congressman Chet Edwards is doing horribly tonight – is in a close one, trailing former state Rep. Bill Zedler 48.9% to 51.5%.

It’s still early but the Democrats are probably going to lose some serious ground in the Texas suburbs.

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