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What’s a Bookstore for?

by | Fri, Apr 24, 2020 at 11:28 am CST
healthcare workers wearing face masks
Health Care

Mapping the Number of COVID-19 Cases in Texas per Doctor

Many counties with limited medical resources—including no primary care physicians—now have COVID-19 cases.

Only a month after the first COVID-19 death occurred in rural Matagorda County, reported cases had already spread to 198 counties as of April 21. And cases are rising quickly in rural areas with limited medical resources: in East Texas, … Read More

In Ozona, people who need basic preventative services or prenatal check-ups typically need to make a 170-mile round trip drive to San Angelo.
Health Care

We Asked You About Health Care in Rural Texas. Here are Your Stories.

Much has been written about medical deserts, but these are the experiences of people who call them home.

Rural health care is in crisis in Texas: More than one-fifth of Texas’ 254 counties have only one doctor or none at all. Of the state’s 158 remaining rural hospitals, just 66 deliver babies. More than half of Texas counties … Read More