Steven G. Kellman

Steven G. Kellman is the author of The Restless Ilan Stavans: Outsider on the Inside and American Suite. He teaches at the University of Texas at San Antonio.


A Nuclear Family Comes Apart

The toxic radiation emitted by the Hardings of Houston comes from the fission of a nuclear family. The fission also accounts for the power that Andrew Porter harnesses in his debut novel, In Between Days. Once the hottest architect in … Read More


Blind Guilt

Though he answers to the name Rowdy, the narrator of five of the stories in David McGlynn’s new collection is an obedient and subservient son. However, a glimpse of his father in a compromising embrace with the family housekeeper distresses … Read More


Arab Bashing on the Big Screen

Jack G. Shaheen is the leading scourge of anti-Arab media bias. A professor emeritus of mass communications at Southern Illinois University, he has for many years conducted what might be called a crusade against odious stereotypes of his people as … Read More


Pale Writer

I am the first and only serious writer that Texas has produced,” declared Katherine Anne Porter in a 1958 interview with The Texas Observer. Like her 1975 assertion to Howard Payne University President Roger Brooks (“I happen to be the … Read More


Reflections of a Texas Emigr��_

When Rick Bass writes about living in the West, he does not mean the Lone Star State, disregarding the fact that when Hollywood has sought the frontier-Lonesome Dove, The Searchers (shot in Utah, set in Texas), No Country for Old … Read More


Giving Peace a Chance

For their 1968 book The Lessons of History, Will and Ariel Durant calculated that the world had been without war for only 268 of the previous 3,421 years. Four decades later, we seem less likely than ever to reach 269. … Read More


Ranch Dressing

Just another Texas town, ready for its close-up

According to Jean Baudrillard (echoing Plato, who dismissed the world we inhabit through our senses as an unreal imitation), all is simulation. In the postmodern hip-hop world of universal sampling, it is meaningless to ask whether something is primary or … Read More