Steven G. Kellman

Steven G. Kellman is the author of Redemption: The Life of Henry Roth and The Translingual Imagination. He teaches at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

By Steven G. Kellman:


In ‘God Save Texas,’ Lawrence Wright Explains the Lone Star State to Outsiders

The latest entry in the ever-popular explaining-Texas genre, “God Save Texas” is a rambling, impressionistic record of ambivalence.

In 1845, when the United States was hotly debating the imminent annexation of Texas and the prospect of a war with Mexico, Abraham Lincoln wrote to a constituent: “I perhaps ought to say that individually I never was much interested … Read More


A Nuclear Family Comes Apart

The toxic radiation emitted by the Hardings of Houston comes from the fission of a nuclear family. The fission also accounts for the power that Andrew Porter harnesses in his debut novel, In Between Days. Once the hottest architect in … Read More