Sasha von Oldershausen

Sasha von Oldershausen is an Iranian-American reporter who lives in Far West Texas and has written for New York Magazine, VICE News and Mic, among others. A New Yorker by birth, she moved to Texas a little over a year ago and has never regretted the decision.

A "Welcome to Presidio" sign at the Texas-Mexico border.

Western Block: One Woman’s Quest for Citizenship

Refujia Roman-Chavez could be a U.S. citizen, but she can't prove it without the cooperation of the West Texas border agents who’ve repeatedly told her to return to Mexico.

Much as undocumented parents have struggled with a sometimes hostile Texas bureaucracy that hinders easy access to their American-born kids’ birth certificates, people like Roman-Chavez, who may have strong claims to citizenship, grapple with the process to verify their claims. Read More