Rusty Middleton

Rusty Middleton is a freelance writer living in Wimberley.

Clearing the Air

by | Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 6:22 pm CST

Dateline: Hays County

The Hill Country Sours on Sprawl

In June, the five members of the Hays County Commissioners Court did what, until recently, would have been almost unthinkable: They effectively stopped expansion of a huge, upscale subdivision. For many years, developers have had their way in this booming … Read More


War of the Wells

The Railroad Commission has failed to protect Texans from oil and gas drillers, so citizens are learning to fight back on their own.

Neighbors say they move in quickly. Suddenly a tall, garish, mechanical contraption belching fumes and noise dominates the neighborhood. Heavy trucks pound the streets. These are the signs of the drilling rigs that are spreading across Texas. Depending on how … Read More


A Lot of Nerve

The Army's deadly VX waste is burning in Port Arthur

Once again an impoverished Texas neighborhood, in this case in the town of Port Arthur, has become the disposal point for hazardous waste, only this time the waste is potentially so lethal that a drop the size of a pinhead … Read More


What Lies Beneath

The threat from oilfield waste injection wells

Cecile Carson’s property has an aura of rural homeyness. The neat yard, happy dogs, and blooming flowers along her fence rails suggest a love of place. She’s a high school art teacher who picked a little swath of Wise County … Read More