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Rose Cahalan is managing editor at the Observer and also edits the magazine’s arts and culture coverage.

By Rose Cahalan:

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Strangest State: December 2017

Weird news from far-flung Texas.

Drue Wagner ROCKWALL COUNTY // Responding to a complaint that someone was hunting from a public road, a Texas game warden found three men standing next to a pickup truck. One of the three “was only wearing a trucker hat, … Read More


‘Under Surveillance’ Author on the Hidden Costs of Being Watched

Randolph Lewis’ new book focuses on the “soft-tissue damage” caused by living in a surveillance state.

Photo by Ghost Presenter from Pexels There’s a moment in Under Surveillance — Randolph Lewis’ accessible, ruminative, anxiety-ridden new book on American surveillance culture — when the author travels to Walden Pond. He’s come in search of the same pastoral … Read More


‘Fail State’ Delves into the Shadowy World of For-Profit Colleges

The film details how the for-profit college industry began, its rise to power and why legislative attempts to rein it in have had only limited success.

You’ve seen the ads: smiling, fresh-faced young graduates praising schools like DeVry University and Corinthian Colleges for changing their lives. In a 2008 TV spot typical of the genre, brothers Wilfredo and Manuel Siliezar pose in front of shiny cars, … Read More

News, Strangest State, The Issue

Strangest State: October 2017

Weird news from far-flung Texas.

FORT WORTH // When he caught a thief in his walk-in freezer, a restaurant owner slammed the door and locked him in while waiting for cops to arrive. Francisco Islas, owner of Paco’s Mexican Cuisine, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram … Read More


Photo Exhibit in Houston Changes the Narrative on Refugees

"There is no room for dignified depiction of refugees, and they’re not shown as human beings with hopes and plans to go back to normal life."

The United States will shut its doors to most refugees on Wednesday, as the nation has just reached the Trump administration’s 50,000-person fiscal year resettlement cap. Meanwhile, a record 65 million people are displaced around the world, according to the … Read More