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A Real Quackmire: This Month in Weird Texas News

by | Wed, Sep 25, 2019 at 9:00 am CST
A man takes a picture of a large snake.
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Strangest State: No, You Can’t Bring Your Missile Launcher on the Plane

Plus: Weirdness abounds at Wichita Falls Walmarts.

HOOD COUNTY // A man was surprisingly calm upon realizing that a rattlesnake was crawling out of his pickup’s air vent. Instead of crashing in a panic, as this reporter surely would have, Bob Crowell silently filmed a video of … Read More

Three rescuers on a street with a flooded car.

Two Houston Archives Gather Harvey Memories for Historians of the Future

They’re a time capsule of the destruction wrought by the deadliest storm to hit Texas since 1919.

In a photo taken shortly after Hurricane Harvey swamped Houston two years ago, a black luxury SUV sits submerged in murky brown floodwaters. In the background, a yellow construction crane hangs over a half-finished building—evidence of the city’s insatiable appetite … Read More

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Strangest State: This Month in Gator News…

Plus: a matchmaking scam, a thief’s Beto O’Rourke cover story, and a footlong shrimp.

POLK COUNTY // An alligator stopped traffic while it lounged on a highway near Lake Livingston. KFDM reports that the gator was so comfortable, Texas Parks and Wildlife officials resorted to using “large towing straps” to remove it from the … Read More

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Strangest State: May 2019

Weird news from far-flung Texas.

ATASCOCITA // A man tested the limits of Petco’s “all leashed pets allowed” policy by walking his 1,600-pound steer into the store. A Facebook video shows Shelly Lumpkin leading Oliver, a 14-year-old Ankole-Watusi, through the sliding doors as the steer … Read More


A Bold, Playful San Antonio Art Exhibit Celebrates Chicana Leaders

Through a series of colorful screenprints, “Estampas Chicanas” attempts to center the role of women in the movement for Mexican American civil rights.

Walk into the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, and you’ll have to do a little searching to find the “Estampas Chicanas” exhibit. Pass the flashy main attraction — gleaming classic cars paired with paintings of similar hues — and … Read More


Elizabeth McCracken’s ‘Bowlaway’ Spins a Dark, Magical Tale of Love, Loss and Bowling

The Austin author is mostly concerned with pain: how we inflict it on each other, and how we keep going, year after year, as our burdens pile up.

“They found a body in the Salford Cemetery, but aboveground and alive.” That thunderbolt of a sentence opens Elizabeth McCracken’s new novel, Bowlaway, and sets the tone for what’s to follow: a story equal parts sorrow and wonder, magical realism … Read More