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Our Alcohol Problem

by | Fri, Nov 3, 2000 at 12:00 am CST

Bush Beat

Bush Warming Slowly

When it comes to global warming, George W. Bush has his head firmly up his tailpipe. A couple of years ago, Bush said the “jury is still out” on the problem. In March of last year, he said “I believe … Read More


The Candidate from Brown and Root

See also “Cheney Makes a Bundle Off War,” below this article Herman Brown’s huge bet on the Mansfield Dam just keeps paying off. It made Brown a rich man. It secured the future of his company. And it led to … Read More


Capitol Offenses

Previews of a Funereal Summer Season

Over the past year and a half, the Texas Funeral Service Commission has seen more bizarre plot changes than “Melrose Place.” Fans shouldn’t look for the tiny agency to leave prime time any time soon. Upcoming episodes this summer include … Read More


Dateline Texas

Soft Money, Soft A.G.s

In the last week of March the nation’s Republican attorneys general all came to Austin. Any competent news reporter could have used the event to anchor a big story on campaign finance reform – if the press had been allowed … Read More


Nicotine Fit

Trial lawyers thought they were due pay and congratulations for a tobacco settlement well done. The new A.G. and the Guv don't see it that way.

There’s nothing like a few billion dollars to bring out the worst in people. Just look at the fight over legal fees owed to the five lawyers who represented Texas in the tobacco lawsuit — a courthouse and public relations … Read More


Burying the Competition

Robert Waltrip has proven he can bury his customers. Lately, he’s been trying to bury his critics, too. Waltrip, the burly, surly, C.E.O. of the world’s largest death-care company, Houston-based Service Corporation International, has no compunction about throwing his considerable … Read More



The King Has Entered the Building

It was more coronation than campaign event. There was theatrical lighting, blue curtains, lots of flags, and dozens of TV cameras. Whatever you think of George W. Bush, you’ve got to hand it to his handlers: they know how to … Read More


Capitol Offenses

Murder by Death: The Sequels

Texas can’t kill its murderers fast enough. Since 1976, Texas has executed nearly three times more inmates than any other state. Yet the death-row cells in Huntsville, which currently hold 448 men, are bursting at the seams. While state prison … Read More


The Pols He Bought

John Sharp didn’t lose to Rick Perry. Nor did Paul Hobby lose to Carole Keeton Rylander. Instead, the two Democrats lost their races to James Leininger’s money. Leininger helped guarantee two loans – a $1.1 million loan to Perry on … Read More