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Our Alcohol Problem

by | Fri, Dec 3, 2004 at 12:00 am CST

Texas’ Biz is America’s Biz

The more things change, the more they don’t. The very first issue of The Texas Observer broke a story which, given the details, might have occurred just last week. The December 13, 1954 issue carried a story about how Gov. … Read More


Open Forum

Kerry's Low-Watt Energy Policy

Political speeches are always light on specifics and heavy on catch phrases. But John Kerry’s speech at the Democratic National Convention was remarkable for its near-total disregard for the harsh realities of America’s current energy predicament. Kerry said that the … Read More


Texas’ Deadly $16 Billion Boondoggle

Even Dick Cheney couldn't kill the V-22 helicopter

Compared to the V-22, Lazarus was a piker. Lazarus only rose from the dead once. And it took a special visit by Jesus Christ to make that happen. The V-22 should have been killed, dead, and buried half a dozen … Read More


Open Forum

Bush's Greatest Failure

George W. Bush is missing his “Nixon Goes to China†moment. In 1972, President Nixon was able to go to Beijing and negotiate with the Communists because he was an ardent anti-Communist. Bush, the Texas oil man, has a golden … Read More


David Dewhurst – the Unlikeliest (and Oddest) Candidate

When it comes to campaigning, Labor Day weekend has become a demarcation line that every political candidate accepts and seeks to use for political advantage. Climbing up on the stump during the three-day holiday weekend–which for decades has marked the … Read More


Not Plucking Around

Has Bo Pilgrim Met his Match in Bill Ratliff?

If Jesus can bless Bo Pilgrim with a new jet airplane, why can’t He help Bo with his Bill Ratliff problem? It might soon require a Higher Authority to intervene on behalf of Pilgrim. There is no doubt that East … Read More