Paula Levihn-Coon

A black and white portrait of Paula Levihn-Coon, a white woman with shoulder length brown hair, in a sweater and chunky beaded necklace.


Paula Levihn-Coon is a Fall 2023 Environmental Fellow for the Texas Observer. Enthusiastic about all things outdoors, she is a native plant enthusiast, a Texas Master Naturalist, and a member of the Native Plant Society of Texas. She received her master’s degree in journalism and media from the University of Texas at Austin.

Articles by Paula Levihn-Coon
Philip Souza poses by the bay of Port Aransas with his fish sound recording gear. He's smiling, dressed in blue jeans and a burnt orange UT hoodie.

The Fish Whisperer

Half of the fish in the Mission-Aransas Estuary vocalize. One scientist is dedicated to recording and decoding their thumps, pops, and other sounds.

by Paula Levihn-Coon