Naveena Sadasivam

Naveena Sadasivam is a staff writer covering the environment, energy and climate change at the Observer. Prior to joining the Observer, she wrote about the coal industry for InsideClimate News and fracking for ProPublica. At ProPublica, she was part of a team that reported on the water woes of the West, a project that was a 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist for national reporting. She has a degree in chemical engineering and a master’s in environmental and science reporting from New York University and is currently an Ida B. Wells fellow at The Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute. You can contact her at [email protected] and follow her work on Twitter.

By Naveena Sadasivam:


Meet Mary Street Wilson, Underdog of the 2018 Texas Primaries

In a surprising turn of events, the candidate that raised the least amount of money and had the lower profile won the most votes in the Democratic primary for Congressional District 21.

Mary Wilson, a former math teacher running for Congressional District 21, raised a measly $40,000 over the last year. She had a handful of profiles in Science magazine, Dame and KUT. In comparison, Joseph Kopser raised about $770,000, received a … Read More


Oil and Gas Lobbyist Claims Texas Drone Law Meant to Deter ‘Bad Journalists’

A recording of a prominent Texas energy lobbyist’s recent speech to insiders provides an unvarnished look at what Big Oil considers its biggest accomplishments from the 2017 legislative session.

When Texas lawmakers passed a bill last year banning drones from flying near animal feedlots and oil and gas facilities, proponents said it was needed to protect critical infrastructure from terrorists. But critics suspected that the bill was intended to … Read More

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الدفع في محطة الوقود

أكبر من أن يتم تغريمه، وأصغر من أن يُقاوِم. تستهدف وكالة البيئة في تكساس أصحاب الاعمال الصغيرة من أجل مخالفات وانتهاكات حفظ سجلات بسيطة، بينما تترك المقصرين الكبار من الشركات الكبرى تنجو بفعلتها بكل سهولة. by بواسطة نافينا ساداسيفام @NaveenaSivam … Read More

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Reporter’s Notebook: How I Got the Story

In the spring of 2016, a mutual friend introduced me to a former Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) employee. The ex-staffer had recently quit their job at the agency in part because of the way it treated small business … Read More

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Selling Out or a Smart Strategy? A Fight Brews Over Democratic Values in Congressional District 21

In a gerrymandered district that leans Republican, Democratic candidates are clashing over the best strategy to win without compromising progressive values.

At a recent Democratic candidate forum in Bandera, congressional hopefuls in south-central Texas’ 21st District were asked about border security. Joseph Kopser, a tech entrepreneur and Iraq War veteran, surprised some attendees with his answer. “It is not just a … Read More


In the Texas Legislature, Sexual Harassment Complaints are Rarely Filed, Haphazardly Maintained and Then Destroyed

Despite the Legislature’s reputation for sexism and sexual harassment, there are no official complaints on record in either chamber. What’s happening to allegations?

Late last year, amid a national reckoning over sexual misconduct in politics, media and entertainment, reports surfaced of a pervasive culture of sexual harassment at the Texas Capitol. The problem has been widespread and women appear to have such little … Read More


Texan Kathleen Hartnett White Too Extreme for Trump Administration

Senate Democrats vowed to give the Trump administration a fight over her nomination.

After a long and contentious U.S. Senate confirmation process, Kathleen Hartnett White has been kicked to the curb. White, it appears, has proven too extreme even for the Trump administration. More than 80 days after White was nominated, the White … Read More

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2017 Was Texas’ Second-Warmest Year on Record

The average temperature in Texas last year was 2.8 degrees Fahrenheit above average.

At least the summer wasn’t too brutal. Other than a merely somewhat-above-average summer, 2017 proved to be another record-breaking year of weather extremes in Texas. We hardly had a winter, with the warmest February on record. That month, 42 weather stations … Read More