Michael King


Movie Review

The Realm of the Possible

BEYOND THE CLOUDS. Sceneries Distribution. SMALL TIME CROOKS. Written and directed by Woody Allen. DreamWorks Pictures. MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2. Paramount Pictures. But we know that beneath the image that is revealed lies another more faithful to reality, and beneath that … Read More


Race to the Bottom

Black and White. Rules of Engagement. It was only a hundred or so years ago when W.E.B. DuBois declared, “The problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line.” So perhaps it’s not too surprising — at … Read More


Play About the Playwright

You’ll be a mouse,” says Edward Albee to his apologetic visitor, allowed the rare privilege of watching an early rehearsal of Albee’s newest play. “Here, sit back here – you’ll be a mouse.” Only an hour and several scenes later … Read More


Postcards from Panama

NORIEGA: God’s Favorite. GOD’S FAVORITE. At one time, the General Manuel Antonio Noriega Story had the makings of a potential camp masterpiece. With Al Pacino as megalomaniac dictator Noriega and Oliver Stone as megalomaniac director Oliver Stone, the film project … Read More



All the News That Fits

“Literature is news that stays news.” The modernist defense of poetry coined by Ezra Pound might also stand for the Observer’s bi-annual books issues, in which we briefly set aside deadline-driven political journalism, expand the Books and the Culture section, … Read More


Bush Ink: Manufacturing a President

It’s all over but the voting. At least that’s the story of the moment. Despite the fact that (as of mid June, en route from Iowa to New Hampshire) the Governor had only just managed to declare himself a candidate, … Read More


Presidential Bookshelf

Among the journalistic glowworms lighting the way to the Bush White House is Myron Magnet, a reporter for Fortune who makes his living in the most ancient clerical profession: explaining to the wealthy how profoundly they deserve their wealth. Magnet’s … Read More


The Last Puritan

On Sunday, March 7, beneath an imposing wall of American flags at the Austin Convention Center, Governor Bush introduced the high-profile “exploratory committee” charged with organizing his not-yet-official presidential campaign. His supporters, including such Republican luminaries as George Schultz, J.C. … Read More


No Mercy

For opponents of the Texas death penalty, victory occurs in very small measures. The latest tiny trophies are a couple of brief, handwritten notes on the bottom of two executive clemency forms used by the Board of Pardons and Paroles, … Read More