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by | Fri, Sep 8, 2000 at 12:00 am CST

The Arkansas Project Unmasked

The Hunting of the President: The Ten-year Campaign to Destroy Hillary and Bill Clinton This is the most disgustingly fascinating political book I’ve ever read. As the subtitle indicates, it is the anatomy of a would-be political murder. I can’t … Read More


Play About the Playwright

You’ll be a mouse,” says Edward Albee to his apologetic visitor, allowed the rare privilege of watching an early rehearsal of Albee’s newest play. “Here, sit back here – you’ll be a mouse.” Only an hour and several scenes later … Read More


The Last Puritan

On Sunday, March 7, beneath an imposing wall of American flags at the Austin Convention Center, Governor Bush introduced the high-profile “exploratory committee” charged with organizing his not-yet-official presidential campaign. His supporters, including such Republican luminaries as George Schultz, J.C. … Read More


“The Salt on the Wound”

Photographs by and interview with Alan Pogue

In July and December of 1998, Observer staff photographer Alan Pogue travelled to Iraq with representatives of Voices in the Wilderness, a U.S. peace activist group opposed to the U.S./U.N. sanctions. The December delegation (four people, including Pogue and Voices … Read More