Lyanne A. Guarecuco

Lyanne A. Guarecuco is a legislative fellow based in Austin.

Controversial ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Ban Headed to Texas Governor’s Desk, Will Likely Become Law

“I’m afraid that this legislation will lead to harassment and profiling of Latinos, especially our children,” said Senator Sylvia Garcia.

Senate Bill 4, the controversial “sanctuary cities” ban, is on its way to Governor Greg Abbott’s desk — where it’s almost certain to be signed into law — after the Senate voted Wednesday to accept changes made to the legislation … Read More


Texas Republicans Vote To Allow Immigration Questioning of Children

Representative Diego Bernal called the vote “soul-crushing.”

Almost all Texas Republicans in the House voted to allow police officers to question children about immigration status during Wednesday’s heated debate on so-called sanctuary cities. The vote was cast during debate on Senate Bill 4, which could jail local … Read More


Fasting Lawmaker Gets Support, Death Wishes Ahead of ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Debate

House Democrats say they will fight SB 4 "with everything we've got" during Wednesday's debate.

A Democratic lawmaker who began fasting in opposition to the so-called sanctuary cities bill on Sunday has been joined by supporters in the demonstration, but has also received wishes that she “starve to death” from opponents. Democratic State Representative Victoria … Read More

Human Rights

Overnight Hearing on House ‘Bathroom Bill’ Draws 95 Percent Opposition

Beginning at 11:40 p.m., lawmakers heard more than five hours of heartfelt testimony on HB 2899.

Lawmakers on the House State Affairs Committee didn’t begin considering the chamber’s so-called bathroom bill until nearly midnight Wednesday, after a marathon debate of other bills that lasted almost 12 hours on the House floor. For a high-profile meeting on … Read More

Human Rights

‘Bathroom Bill’ Critics: There is No Middle Ground for Human Rights

Beginning late Wednesday night, a House committee heard hours of testimony opposing HB 2899, the House’s version of the “bathroom bill.

Governor Greg Abbott is calling the Texas House’s version of the so-called bathroom bill “a thoughtful proposal.” The author of the bill has touted it as being business-friendly. And unlike the Senate version, it does not explicitly require people to … Read More