Lyanne A. Guarecuco

Lyanne A. Guarecuco is a legislative fellow based in Austin.

By Lyanne A. Guarecuco:

LGBT Rights

Dan Patrick Is Holding the Legislature Hostage Over ‘Bathroom Bill,’ Property Tax Reform

The lieutenant governor said Wednesday he is prepared to force a special session if those two bills aren’t passed.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said Wednesday he will force a special session unless the House passes versions of the anti-transgender bathroom bill and a property tax reform bill. “I want to avoid a special session, but I’m prepared to go … Read More


Texas Republicans Vote To Allow Immigration Questioning of Children

Representative Diego Bernal called the vote “soul-crushing.”

Almost all Texas Republicans in the House voted to allow police officers to question children about immigration status during Wednesday’s heated debate on so-called sanctuary cities. The vote was cast during debate on Senate Bill 4, which could jail local … Read More


Fasting Lawmaker Gets Support, Death Wishes Ahead of ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Debate

House Democrats say they will fight SB 4 "with everything we've got" during Wednesday's debate.

A Democratic lawmaker who began fasting in opposition to the so-called sanctuary cities bill on Sunday has been joined by supporters in the demonstration, but has also received wishes that she “starve to death” from opponents. Democratic State Representative Victoria … Read More

Human Rights

Overnight Hearing on House ‘Bathroom Bill’ Draws 95 Percent Opposition

Beginning at 11:40 p.m., lawmakers heard more than five hours of heartfelt testimony on HB 2899.

Lawmakers on the House State Affairs Committee didn’t begin considering the chamber’s so-called bathroom bill until nearly midnight Wednesday, after a marathon debate of other bills that lasted almost 12 hours on the House floor. For a high-profile meeting on … Read More

Human Rights

‘Bathroom Bill’ Critics: There is No Middle Ground for Human Rights

Beginning late Wednesday night, a House committee heard hours of testimony opposing HB 2899, the House’s version of the “bathroom bill.

Governor Greg Abbott is calling the Texas House’s version of the so-called bathroom bill “a thoughtful proposal.” The author of the bill has touted it as being business-friendly. And unlike the Senate version, it does not explicitly require people to … Read More