Karen Olsson


Dateline Texas

General Hollowell's Last Stand

GILMER– Rex Shaw, the county clerk for Upshur County, does not harbor any great enthusiasm for vote tabulation, but when the losing candidate in the local state representative’s race asked for a manual recount, it fell to Shaw to take … Read More


Refinery Daze, Part Two

Something there is that doesn’t love a teenage girl, said Mary Karr in an interview last month. I confess I am full of that something, and have been ever since I was a teenage girl—when I disliked other teenage girls … Read More


Three Theories of Monica

Columbia University Press The Unwanted Gaze: The Destruction of Privacy in America The Human Stain Lately I’ve been thinking about Monica Lewinsky, off and on. This even though, back when she was all over the news, I tried hard not … Read More



Many Partings

There are some things you never think you’d end up missing until you do, and for me deadline day at The Texas Observer is one of them. Since I left the Observer last year, I’ve missed it. Every other Wednesday, … Read More


Topless in Odessa

Will the Ector County Attorney impose Midland's morals on Odessa's topless dancers?

As the owner of Acapulco Fantasies, a small totally-nude strip club just outside of Odessa, Irma Sagrario Zizzo used to show all her girls how she wanted them to do table dances. Zizzo, who would herself strip on nights when … Read More


Last of the Texas Heroes

THE MAN WHO TRIED TO SAVE THE WORLD:The Dangerous Life and Mysterious In March of 1995, after several weeks of traveling in Russia, a fifty-year-old man named Fred Cuny returned to his small home in the Dallas suburbs. There he … Read More


A Shrub Grows in Midland

They keep getting shorter. Prescott Bush, the investment banker and senator from Connecticut, was 6’4″ and aristocratic looking. His son, President George H.W. Bush, grew to a handsome 6’2″. The man they once called Junior, who currently serves as governor … Read More



Déjà Vu All Over Again

Al Dewlen’s 1981 novel The Session, about an imaginary session of the Texas Legislature, is the sort of book you wouldn’t recommend to anyone but might end up reading, the way you might end up eating stale candy, if you … Read More


What Birds? What Bees?

The Governor's Other Campaign for Voluntary Emissions Reduction

Two incarnations of George W. Bush made appearances during the last week of March. First, Houston Press reporter Tim Fleck revisited the Yalie’s mysterious brief engagement to a Rice student back in 1967, and invoked the received, if somewhat blurry, … Read More