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by | Fri, Aug 26, 2005 at 12:00 am CST

The Glen Rose Cycle

Jesus, dinosaurs, and the resurrection of the musical in tourist-happy Somervell County.

David L. Humphrey often seems pleased to find himself wherever he happens to be, and every Saturday in May he finds himself, quite cheerfully, at the Texas Ampitheater in Glen Rose. He is typically equipped with the following: a black … Read More


Every Man a Kingpin

A new method of making methamphetamine is turning run-of-the-mill addicts into drug manufacturers. In North Texas, the kingpins are living out of their cars.

Amphetamine and methamphetamine are simple molecules. Diagrammed on paper, amphetamine looks like a hexagon with a forked tail. Its skeleton is just a ring of six carbon atoms, with two more carbon atoms attached to the ring, and then a … Read More


Topless in Odessa

Will the Ector County Attorney impose Midland's morals on Odessa's topless dancers?

As the owner of Acapulco Fantasies, a small totally-nude strip club just outside of Odessa, Irma Sagrario Zizzo used to show all her girls how she wanted them to do table dances. Zizzo, who would herself strip on nights when … Read More


Goodbye, Levi

So I’m dreaming up a new television ad for Levi Strauss, for their late and little-mourned “What’s True” campaign. It’s February and I’m in El Paso, or to be precise on a road just east of the city. I’m riding … Read More