Joe Cutbirth

Joe Cutbirth

State of Texas: Handgun Licenses in Texas

by | Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 1:53 pm CST
Criminal Justice

State of Texas: Who We Kill

According to data collected by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, an unsurprising trend has emerged among death row inmates, the majority of whom are black or Hispanic and have lived a debilitating existence prior to their execution. Read More

Criminal Justice

The Moral Indefensibility of Death Row

Alex Hannaford’s cover story this month shows an alarming correlation between trauma that happens to adolescent boys, the biological damage it does to their brains, how that altered physiology leads to violent behavior in their adult lives and their ultimate journeys to death row. Read More

LGBT Rights

Texas Should Stand Tall for Equality

Marriage equality for lesbian and gay Americans is almost decided as a matter of national policy. Thirty-six states have it, and given recent remarks by Justice Clarence Thomas it’s hard to imagine that lesbian and gay Texans won’t be able … Read More

Joe Cutbirth
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Introducing Myself

Our first obligation will be to the truth. Our loyalty will be to our readers. We will work every day to give you the information you need to talk to each other and decide what you want our leaders to do to make this a better state. Read More