Eileen Smith

Eileen Smith

We Blinded Them…With Science

by | Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 5:07 pm CST
Louie Gohmert
Texas Politics

Go, Go, Go Gohmert!

There’s been some talk—mostly in tea sipping lawn chair circles—that Louie Gohmert may challenge incumbent Sen. John Cornyn in the March primary. Read More

Ted Cruz mid-speech
Texas Politics

Mr. Cruz Goes to Washington

A coveted leadership post in the tea party has opened up and Cruz is most likely salivating at the chance to prove that the uber-conservative wing of the Republican Party will like him just as much—if not more!—than his accomplished predecessor. Read More

Texas Politics

Texas Democrats, Make Your Move

Forget about the great GOP awakening. Now is the perfect time for Texas Democrats to figure out what the hell they’re doing. The default explanation for their dismal showing was that Texas is not just red but bloody red, a stronghold of the Republican Party and ruled with an iron fist by Pharaoh, forcing the Chosen Ones to wander aimlessly in the desert looking for manna from heaven. But now the shifting demographics coupled with a rather clueless opposition party should be working in their favor. Read More

Texas Politics

Gallego vs Canseco: ¿Quien es mas Catolico?

In Texas' 23rd Congressional District, Jesus has taken time out of his busy schedule to endorse the incumbent.

Last Thursday Bill Clinton turned on that old Clinton charm, which seems to work on everyone but his wife, to lend his support to Democratic state Rep. Pete Gallego in his congressional race. Read More

Texas Politics

Ted Cruz Comes Home to the GOP Establishment

Ted Cruz inches (ever so slightly) over to the Republican establishment.

Ted Cruz is where he is today—the next senator from Texas, barring any unforeseen circumstances such as being eaten alive by angry trolls—because of the tea party faithful. The true believers propelled Cruz to an unlikely victory over Lt. Gov. … Read More

Health Care

Women’s Rights Takes Center Stage at DNC

Why are we having to fight in 2012 against politicians who want to end access to birth control? It’s like we woke up in a bad episode of Mad Men.—Cecile Richards at the Democratic National Convention, September 6, 2012 If … Read More

Texas Politics

Tis (Not) the Season to Be Rick Perry

Perry courts Iowans with TV ads about healthcare, religion and how gay soldiers are ruining Christmas.

Gov. Rick Perry’s arch-nemesis Newt Gingrich is now leading in the national Gallup poll with 37 percent of voters compared to Mitt Romney’s 22 percent. Perry has somehow managed to attract 7 percent of registered Republicans but is still trailing the … Read More