Alfredo Corchado Discusses Midnight in Mexico

Midnight In Mexico
Midnight In Mexico

Alfredo Corchado, Mexico City bureau chief for The Dallas Morning News, will be at Austin’s Book People on Wednesday at 7 PM to discuss his new book Midnight in Mexico. Debbie Nathan reviews the book in the Observer’s June issue, admiring how Corchado goes beyond the usual blood and gore suffusing books chronicling Mexico’s drug war.

While there’s plenty of violence in Midnight, which starts with a death threat against Corchado, the book’s real hook is the author’s exploration of his relationship with his native country. His reporting on Mexico’s complex and treacherous networks of cartels and corruption give the book authority, but Corchado’s intimate narrative provides a deeply personal context.

Other reviewers have also been impressed. The Washington Post called the book “electrifying,” noting its skillful parsing of the relationship between the United States and Mexico. The Austin AmericanStatesman and Dallas Morning News have published similarly enthusiastic reviews, and Texas Monthly has an interview with Corchado you can find here.

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Nick Swartsell is a freelance writer and graduate student at the University of Texas.