Epitaph for an Alligator

by Asher Elbein | Tue, Dec 23, 2014 at 8:30 CST
With its display of mangled carcasses, is Gatorfest really the best way to honor the reptile?
Amber and Fred Lyssy by Priscila Mosqueda

The Holdouts

Three families who took a pass on the fracking boom — and what it cost them

These are the stories of three Texas families who were willing to walk away from thousands of dollars—and battle loved ones, their communities and their gover...Read More

obama_002 by Ronnie Dugger

The Next 60: Agenda for a New Texas

“I have never heard of or seen in my 80 years watching Texas a more empathy-dead, society-wide INJUSTICE than the refusal of...tens of billions in Medicaid money.”

An idea can change society, and being the people, we have lots of ideas. Let’s look, too, for more good, young new leaders and also some not so young. ...Read More

The treatment tank for a permitted graywater system in Austin. The wastewater from the washing machine (background) is piped to the tank and later used to irrigate a small garden. by Fauzeya Rahman


How graywater could be a conservation method for the masses. (But isn't.)

Graywater has the potential to be a significant water conservation method in Texas but cities have done very little to encourage its use....Read More

Hohn Road, near the proposed site for the controversial fracking waste pits. by Alex Hannaford

Pit Stop

Nordheim inherits the waste, and few of the profits, from the South Texas oil boom.

Tiny Nordheim, Texas, is reaping the costs of of the South Texas oil boom but little of its profits. ...Read More