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Ted Cruz’s Daddy Issues

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Rafael Cruz
Rafael Cruz

Most Texans probably didn’t realize that when they elected Ted Cruz to the U.S. Senate, they were getting his dad thrown in at no extra cost. Lately, Rafael Cruz has been working overtime to offend everyone from President Obama to the LGBT community. The senior Cruz falsely claimed that the president doesn’t say “one nation under God” during the Pledge of Allegiance. He accused Obama of being a Marxist. He called for him to be sent “back” to Kenya. It’s almost as if Rafael Cruz is trolling us. And it’s working. The media has been lit up for weeks with lists of all the crazy things that have come out of his mouth.

Ted Cruz (né Rafael Ted Cruz) acts as though the media is picking on his father. “Some folks have decided to try and go after him because they want to take some shots at me,” he said recently on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

But it’s not as if journalists are exploiting privileged information from Rafael Cruz’s private life. These are claims he’s made in public forums. Moreover, the evangelical pastor is part of the senator’s inner circle. The two were billed together at September’s Family Leadership Summit in Iowa as a “Father-Son Team.”

It was in his speech at the Family Leadership Summit that Rafael Cruz told the audience that gay marriage is “really more about the destruction of the traditional family than about exalting homosexuality because [for socialism to work] you need to also destroy loyalty to the family.” Huh?

In my view, Rafael Cruz is doing us a favor by so publicly airing his twisted views, some of which he apparently passed on to his son. It goes something like this: Social welfare, such as President Obama’s health-care reform, is akin to socialism. Socialism depends on making the government into a god and therefore must remove the Christian God from our culture. Ergo, Barack Obama equals Fidel Castro.

It’s this connection between so-called godlessness and Communism or socialism that runs throughout the Cruz manifesto. Rafael Cruz seems to think that because he was born in Cuba, he is qualified—probably anointed—to ferret out Communists from within our ranks, an obsession that smacks of reheated McCarthyism. Even more eerie is the fact that his U.S. senator son has followed suit.

At a 2011 Koch brothers luncheon in Austin, Ted Cruz made the assertion that when he was at Harvard Law School, the faculty harbored more self-proclaimed Communists than Republicans. “There were 12 who would say they were Marxists who believed in the Communists overthrowing the United States government,” he told the crowd.

“We are puzzled by the senator’s assertions, as we are unaware of any basis for them,” Robb London, a spokesman for Harvard Law School, told The New Yorker.

The basis for the senator’s claims can likely be found with his father. By his own account, Rafael Cruz began grooming his son for this sort of anti-Communist preoccupation when he was a boy.

Rafael was seriously involved with conservative Christian policymaking in the late 1970s when Edward McAteer founded the Religious Roundtable, a right-wing group that aided Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980.

Rafael Cruz was on the Texas board of the Religious Roundtable when Ted was 8. It was at this time, Rafael says, that he began talking with Ted about politics. He told his son that America is a haven from Communist Cuba and that if America loses its freedoms, there will be nowhere left to go. He also taught Ted that God had handpicked him.

“When he was 4, I used to read Bible stories to him all the time, and I would declare and proclaim the word of God over him,” the senior Cruz said in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network. “And I would just say, ‘You know Ted, you have been gifted above any man that I know. And God has destined you for greatness.’ And I started making declarations about the word of God to him. Every day, every day, every day.”

If that isn’t some Tiger Woods-level programming, I don’t know what is. Earl Woods called his son “the chosen one” too, claiming Woods would “do more than any other man in history to change the course of humanity.” Like Tiger Woods, Ted Cruz grew up to be a prodigy, but at what cost to his humility and sanity? And, more important, at what cost to our country?

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Cindy Casares is a columnist for the Texas Observer. She is also the founding Editor of Guanabee Media, an English-language, pop culture blog network about Latinos established in 2007. She has a Master's in Mass Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University Brandcenter. Prior to her career in journalism, she spent ten years in New York City as an advertising copywriter. During her undergraduate career at the University of Texas she served under Governor Ann Richards as a Senate Messenger during the 72nd Texas Legislature.

  • channelclemente

    “Ted Cruz (né Rafael Ted Cruz) acts as though the media is picking on his father. “Some folks have decided to try and go after him because they want to take some shots at me,” he said recently on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” It’s a strategy signal to the batshitcrazy GOP rightwing. Cruz is going to break to the center, but his hearts with Daddy.

  • Arnnmann

    Cuban Canadian do what?

  • Adele Roberson
  • Adele Roberson
  • Adele Roberson
  • 6660splendidday
  • 6660splendidday

    The Christian Bible was written more than sixty years after Christ
    was no longer on this earth. It was written by a group of men who all
    had their own agendas and maybe they did have notes of what Jesus Christ
    said and taught, these men took from these notes what they wanted to
    take and if they did not agree with some notes they threw the documents
    into the dead sea where some of these documents were accidentally
    discovered hundreds of years later. There is nothing wrong with having
    beliefs in any religion. Religion offers hope and contentment and in
    some instants can get happiness in a life of misery and need.
    However, it is a private need and it should be kept private.It is your
    life with your GOD. These days there are so many people who have
    bastardized religions, used their own hate and interpretations to
    destroy or try to destroy other religions and our country. . Of course, this will not
    work now like this has not worked for thousands of years. Hate is an
    evil emotion. Nothing good has ever come from hate. If there is a GOD, I
    don’t think hate is acceptable to GOD.



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  • 6660splendidday

    “Conservatives” love to believe and love to remind us that they vastly
    outnumber “liberals,” even though there’s no reliable data to back that
    up. How people label themselves is, by itself, irrelevant. The fact that
    Democrats have won a majority of votes in 5 of the last 6 presidential
    elections, that Republicans only seem to win low-turnout elections in
    off years, and are actively working to prevent large swaths of the
    public from voting, suggests that they’re not nearly as popular or as
    self-evidently right about everything that they’re always telling us
    they are.

  • 6660splendidday
    — – – Speak up if you believe all the Bigots at this Fraternity
    should be expelled. When fraternity members have the IQ of a turnip
    they need to be expelled from all Universities in this country. Enough
    already! We will never be able to solve all the problems in this
    country if we make no effort to control young idiots such as these.
    What we don’t need is another generation of Tea Wan-a-Be’s. I would
    not wish this on my worse enemy.

  • 6660splendidday

    Video: Ted Cruz: I am running for the President

    An excerpt of Sen. Ted Cruz’s speech at Liberty University on Monday.


  • 6660splendidday
  • 6660splendidday

    Has co-sponsored a 23% national sales tax.

    Has called on the Supreme Court to uphold state same-sex marriage bans.

    Claims that there has been no global warming in 17 years and
    equates people who believe in global warming to people who believed the
    earth was flat.

    Announced he’s signing up for Obamacare coverage even though he has tried repeatedly to repeal it!

  • 6660splendidday

    Over the years, Jimmy Carter, a devout Christian, has become a very
    strong proponent of women’s rights, to a point where he has spoken out
    against the falsehoods and extremism we see within the ‘religion’ of Christianity today. In 2009, he penned an open letter, severing ties with the mega SBC/Southern Baptist Convention,
    after being a member of the Convention for 60 years. Carter said the
    decision was difficult and painful, yet ‘unavoidable,’ after the
    Convention leaders chose to take bible verses out of context and claim
    ‘Eve’ was responsible to for ‘original sin,’ and thus all women must be
    subservient to men. In Carter’s aforementioned open letter, he expands
    on his reasons and concerns:

    This discrimination, unjustifiably attributed to a Higher
    Authority, has provided a reason or excuse for the deprivation of
    women’s equal rights across the world for centuries.

    At its most repugnant, the belief that women must be subjugated to
    the wishes of men excuses slavery, violence, forced prostitution,
    genital mutilation and national laws that omit rape as a crime. But it
    also costs many millions of girls and women control over their own
    bodies and lives, and continues to deny them fair access to education,
    health, employment and influence within their own communities.

    The same discriminatory thinking lies behind the continuing gender
    gap in pay and why there are still so few women in office in the West.
    The root of this prejudice lies deep in our histories, but its impact is
    felt every day. It is not women and girls alone who suffer. It damages all of us. 4/24/15

  • 6660splendidday
    What you really need to know about Ted Cuz and his father.

  • 6660splendidday