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WTF Friday: Walking the Line

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This week in WTF Friday: Perry goes native in the great white north. Who is Don Huffines, really? Kory Watkins builds a cult of personality, and then raps.

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Right (and Wrong) on Crime

After 14 years of enthusiastic prison-building, Perry is taking credit for a tiny softening in his rhetoric on crime just in time for a presidential run.

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Farewell to Rick Perry, for Now

With his gubernatorial run finally over, Perry will turn his full attention to his quest to become an employee of the federal government.

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The Things We Feared, 2014

As the year 20 and 14 draws, blessedly, to a close, let us reflect on that one thing that brought us together: fear. This was a year that saw a succession of freak-outs, each one eclipsing the next in apocalyptic panic.

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Quarantining Compassion

The Texas policy of subjecting returning doctors and nurses to unnecessary quarantines for Ebola may discourage them from going abroad in the first place.

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