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Homophobic Radio Host Busted at Gay Bar

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Is Houston conservative talk radio star and noted homophobe Michael Berry actually gay?

According to the bouncer at T.C.’s Show Bar in Montrose, Michael Berry left the club, where he was attending as a patron, at 11:00 PM on January 31. The bouncer, Tuderia Bennett, said Berry drove in reverse for 70 feet, hit Bennett’s car, and drove away. Bennett wrote down the license plate, which was registered to Berry, and identified Berry in a photograph. Security footage of Berry inside the club has been turned over to police. Local station KPRC broke the news.

Berry peddles the usual fear and loathing of liberals, immigrants, minorities, et al. on his three-hour talk show on KTRH and KPRC. He got national attention in 2010 when he said, regarding a mosque near “Ground Zero,” “I hope the mosque isn’t built, and if it is, I hope it’s blown up, and I mean that.”

But he’s also more than your average hatemonger. He’s a notable local figure, a three-term former city councilmember who ran for mayor in 2003 and has a JD from the University of Texas School of Law.

You wouldn’t know it to listen to his show, though. Full of racist and xenophobic tweets, his Twitter account @MichaelBerrySho also indicates that Berry has an active imagination when it comes to homosexuality:

Feb. 5: What Elton John is doing backstage right now would get him beheaded in Saudi Arabia unless the king joined in. #superbowl

Feb. 5: Eli Manning gets sacked more than Barney Frank’s interns

Feb. 3: I’m dying to know when Queen will endorse Mittens, since Adam Lambert has a mancrush on Mr Taxachoosits.

Berry is now the featured “winner” on, which tracks anti-gay public figures who are caught in compromising circumstances.

Emily DePrang is a staff writer at The Texas Observer where she covers criminal justice and public health. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic and, and she’s a former nonfiction editor of the Sonora Review. She’s holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from the University of Arizona and a B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin. In 2013, she was a National Health Journalism Fellow; in 2012 she won the Sigma Delta Chi award for public service in magazine journalism.

  • Hacksaw_Duck

    Is this a serious story, or a parody of “the typical self-righteous journalist”? I can’t tell.

  • Emily DePrang is intolerant

    If you disagree with something he says about homosexuals, he must be a homophobe. And if you disagree with something he says about immigrants, he must be a xenophobe. I am sure you know this Emily, but those names are just methods to demonize a person and stop debate of ideas that threaten your world view. You are afraid of ideas that don’t fit your world view. Is there a name for that?

  • Stad1212

    I’ve listened to Berry and find him humorous, but his continued, open disdain for higher education (even to the point of telling people not to go to college) is strange, especially given that he is (supposedly) a Juris Doctor (JD). Maybe this is indicative of the guy’s mentality: hate what you are (i.e. he is gay and hate gays, just as he is a JD and hates others with advanced degrees).