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Border Patrol Takes ‘No’ for an Answer at Internal Checkpoints

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A fascinating video is circulating on the Internet featuring motorists who decline to answer questions at Border Patrol checkpoints miles from the border. Questions like, “Are you a U.S. citizen?” or “Where are you headed?” are met with polite refusals. In the video, one pair of motorists stopped at a Laredo checkpoint refuse to answer an agent’s question about their citizenship. When the agent becomes agitated and orders the driver to pull over to secondary inspection, the driver politely says, “No thank you.” The agent calls over his supervisor. “Unless we’re living in a police state,” the driver says. “Unless this is Mexico or Nazi Germany … this is still America and I can travel down this road without having to answer questions from federal agents.” The kicker is the motorists get away with it; the supervisor ultimately waves them through.

This was a surprise to me because I grew up in the Rio Grande Valley where travelers must pass through an internal checkpoint in Sarita or Falfurrias to reach points north. The Border Patrol operates a total of 71 permanent and tactical checkpoints on the southwest border, according to a 2008 report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office. (Tactical checkpoints do not have permanent buildings. They support permanent checkpoints by monitoring and inspecting traffic on secondary roads that the Border Patrol determines are likely to be used by undocumented travelers or smugglers.) As the checkpoints have proliferated, so has concern over the rights of motorists. Critics of the internal checkpoints say they violate the Fourth Amendment prohibition on “unreasonable searches and seizures.”

Still, it was unclear to me if you are legally obligated to answer Border Patrol agents’ questions. What, exactly, are your rights and responsibilities at these checkpoints? I put the question to a few legal experts.

Denise Gilman, co-director of the immigration clinic at the University of Texas School of Law, says that Border Patrol agents at internal checkpoints are allowed to ask motorists basic questions about citizenship, identity and travel itinerary, but they cannot detain you or search your vehicle without probable cause. Your refusal to answer questions would not provide probable cause to allow for such a detention or search, she added.

“So, if you refuse to answer, they can pull you out of the line and over into ‘secondary inspection’ and they can probably hold you there for about 20 minutes or so,” she said. “But they cannot do anything more if you continue to refuse to respond unless something else develops during that time period that would lead to probable cause.”

More than one motorist in the video declined to pull over into secondary inspection, yet they were allowed to go on their way without incident.

“I don’t know of any case where the person has refused to go into secondary inspection as in the YouTube video,” says Barbara Hines, a clinical professor of law at UT who co-directs the immigration clinic with Gilman. “But it is a very interesting civil disobedience idea. Because in order to arrest the person, the Border Patrol, again, would need probable cause.”

I happened to have a trip planned to the Valley last weekend. On my way back to Austin, I stopped at the checkpoint in Sarita. Rather than refuse to answer the question, “Are you a U.S. citizen?” I asked the agent whether or not I was legally obligated to answer. She was taken aback at first, asking if I was going to pull a camera on her. I told her I was doing a story for the Texas Observer, which probably ensured that I would get out of there without a hassle.

Her supervisor referred me to the Border Patrol Public Affairs Office in Falfurrias and I went on my way never having revealed my citizenship.

By email later, a Border Patrol spokesman gave me the answer I was looking for: “Although motorists are not legally required to answer the questions ‘are you a U.S. citizen and where are you headed,’ they will not be allowed to proceed until the inspecting agent is satisfied that the occupants of vehicles traveling through the checkpoint are legally present in the U.S.”

Border Patrol agents are granted authority to question the occupants of vehicles traveling through an established checkpoint based on U.S. vs. Martinez-Fuerte. That was a 1976 Supreme Court decision that said permanent or fixed checkpoints set up by the U.S. Border patrol on public highways leading to or away from the Mexican border are not a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Congress also gave the Department of Homeland Security authority, through the Immigration and Nationality Act, to conduct searches within a “reasonable distance” of the border, which DHS defines as 100 miles.

Hines points out, however, that federal laws and regulations are subordinate to the Constitution.

So it seems you are within your rights not to answer the Border Patrol agent at an internal checkpoint (this doesn’t go for actual borders!), but the agents are also within their rights to ask you about your citizenship. At least for a while. After that, they’d need probable cause to detain you.

Cindy Casares is a columnist for the Texas Observer. She is also the founding Editor of Guanabee Media, an English-language, pop culture blog network about Latinos established in 2007. She has a Master's in Mass Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University Brandcenter. Prior to her career in journalism, she spent ten years in New York City as an advertising copywriter. During her undergraduate career at the University of Texas she served under Governor Ann Richards as a Senate Messenger during the 72nd Texas Legislature.

  • Rich Roth

    Let me check my bias up front: I am an old white balding grandfather, but my Hispanic Father in law was older and whiter than I, ok that’s done.
    I think being polite and answering the questions is what I would want people to do. The job is to find folks illegally entering the country, making their job harder does not help in anyway. It could come back to hurt us all. If harassment takes place then I think you have a right to get bitchy, but those questions asked are not harassment.

    As stated in the article, they do have the legal right to do so, and so if you get away by not answering questions, is that a win, not to me. I would check your legal opinions a little better as well. Not answering simple non threatening questions, can by itself be probable cause. If I go to a judge, the right judge of course, and say I have 100 people that answer the simple question with out a problem and one that does not, and I thought that was suspicious enough to ask for more information, they did not provide any so I reasonably believed they were not US Citizens, and arrested them. The judge will find for the officer almost every-time. But hey if you think it is worth it go for it. Lord help you if they ask me the guy behind you if I thought you were driving suspiciously like you wanted to avoid the check point, cuse I am going to say yes.

    I do not need any terrorists entering the US, and with 10 million illegal residents here, it terrorizes me.

    • Jarris Macias Jrmx

      their job harder? they have technology which its supposed to be the best in the world (after all its the USA) and they take forever, they act lazy , they ask nonsense questions that they dont have ANYTHING TO DO with border crossing, besides the checkpoints from USA towards MEX are very OBSOLETE, the guys asking me where did I buy my sunglasses? Come on! i told him, what does this have to do with me crossing to Mexico ? … he said “Go ahead sir” …. they make it more difficult on them.

    • disqus_Ya6vNunMzz

      “Lord help you if they ask me…if I thought you were driving suspiciously…cuse [sic] I am going to say yes.”

      OK. So let me get this straight: You’re telling me that Mr. “old white balding grandfather,” the compliant, law-abiding citizen, would be willing to give deliberately false testimony to a federal law enforcement officer (a federal crime all by itself, by the way) about a person he knows nothing about just because s/he pissed you off. Did I read that right? And you’d do this…uh…why? Because you don’t need any terrorists entering the US, including undocumented aliens who “terrorize” you merely because you have to think about them?

      You should consider doing stand-up comedy. You’re hilarious!

    • Don S

      I happen to agree with you in the most part, but towards the end you claim that you would conduct FELONY perjury and potential obstruction of justice through lying? That takes away your credibility and integrity. Keep in mind Sir, that many of the civil disobedient folks just want to keep the government from overreaching, not because they don’t believe in the cause. And you may be proving them right about government overreach, when you consider committing Felonies to adhere to it.

    • Hong Tong

      Its very obvious that you Sir, are not aware of the bill of rights. Every person in the United States whether a citizen or a foreigner is protected by our great Constitution. Every person has the right to remain silent to ANY question asked by the law enforcement. They have the right to travel freely without being subject to unreasonable searches and seizures. Asserting your right to remain silent is NOT a probable cause to be subject to a search and seizure. As for the simple and non threatening part, today its a question about citizenship, tomorrow we can have officers walk around asking “simple and non-threatening questions” like “Have you ever consumed illegal drugs” or “Have you ever domestically abused anyone”. Im sure some people may be willing to answer these questions as well. So according to your theory, anyone who finds this offensive and invokes the fifth should be arrested for probable cause? Im sorry to say so, but its because of views like these and because some people are too scared to stand up, we are slowly losing our rights.

      I can guarantee you, none of the writers of the bill of rights would agree to these check points even thought some judicial activists in the Supreme Court have called them legal.

      • Mmmmmm…

        I love when people claim they know what the founding fathers would have thought… Time travel much? Spoiler alert: History tends to create grand images of men. Great their actions may have been, but they were human. Most of them were actually elitist and racist. They’d probably question why we “let” women out of the house and into the government. Get real!

    • ben

      I hate to tell you old man but you don’t understand whats going on today. These checkpoints are merely a front as “immigration status” checkpoints. These are mainly drug checkpoints and are completely unconstitutional.

    • BusPass

      Do you hate the Constitution? Or are you simply unaware of it’s content and purpose?

    • Evelyn Foster

      Ok so maybe citizenship can be asked (not sure I would answer if I never left the country) but asking where I’ve been or where I’m going is none of anyone else’s business.

      • bogopogo

        It can be asked – but you are under no obligation to answer it.

        Law Enforcement Officials (including Customs & Border Patrol) count on the average person being unaware of their rights.

        They figure you’ll consent to being stopped, because “they’re just doing their job” and “I have nothing to hide.”

    • Jimi_Drama

      Dude, you have no idea what you are saying. Not answering questions, which is guaranteed by the 5th Amendment, does NOT constitute probable cause. My God, this is the type of ignorance of our basic rights as Americans that has us in this position of tyrannical resistance. Wake up. You have ZERO responsibility, as an American, to answer ANY question from the government unless you are being detained for the investigation of an actual crime, and even THEN you have the right to remain silent. Driving down a highway INSIDE the United States, the last time I checked, is not a crime. If you want to prevent terrorists from entering the country, then PROTECT THE BORDER. Do you really think a committed terrorist is just going to drive down the highway and pull up to a checkpoint? Duhhhhh… You can guarantee that even the dumbest terrorist organization has these checkpoints already mapped out, and that isn’t hard to do. These checkpoints are not only pointless, they are a HUGE waste of money and resources.

    • gillian2005

      Refusing to answer questions of a border patrol agent 100 miles from a border is NOT probable cause. It is your right to refuse to answer questions without the threat or consequence of arrest. By the way, applying the 100 mile regulation means that the entire state of Florida and Hawaii are subject to this. What’s next? If you live within 100 miles of a border your house is subject to these kinds of searches? Don’t scoff–few would have believed that you could be stopped on your way to work if your place of employment is within 100 miles. Entire states, my friend, are now on the list.

    • Rosemary Richards

      Then maybe they should be SPREAD OUT ALONG THE BORDER and NOT 100 miles INLAND. Then MAYBE we wouldn’t have the IMMIGRATION PROBLEM TO BEGIN WITH!! If they were doing such a FINE JOB then the ILLEGALS wouldn’t be GETTING ACROSS THE BORDER TO BEGIN WITH!!

    • Dave Love

      From a law bulletin issued to border patrol agents:
      ..A subject’s ‘bad attitude’ or refusal to answer questions, without more, does not constitute ‘reasonable suspicion’ and does not justify ‘detention’….”

      It sounds like you have quite an arrangement with the “right” judges. Do you bribe them or do you merely have an agreement to subvert the fourth amendment rights of Americans? Kinda sad that you don’t know what the law is. Did you really graduate from law school? Can you get your money back? Maybe you are just another cop who hates freedom?

    • Roger

      Well you stupid jackass they are crossing the border right now with the kids from Central America along with the drug smugglers!

  • Jarris Macias Jrmx

    oh is that so? well let me tell you guys i was almost beaten by CBP agents because i was using my ipod and one of the stupid racist caveman that the have abusing hispanics he cussed at me because I told him it was not a phone, it was an ipod, immediately he called for backup and the other cavemans ran for his help! finding nothing on my vehicle. I was there detained in there for hours in a cold room. so no matter what they do as they wish.

    • DakTo

      It sounds like you got what you asked for.

      • gillian2005

        Oh? He asked for his rights to be violated by using his ipod? The agent needed backup because of an ipod? It’s perfectly ok if it happens to the other guy, right? Tell me more if it ever happens to you. The tune will be a bit different then methinks.

      • Roger

        It sounds like you are stupid, no it doesn’t you are stupid like most Americans!

    • Sam Freedom

      He mustve thought you were being sarcastic even though you’re probably one of those people who can’t let an honest error slip by… I wouldn’t have corrected the agent because, at that point, it was completely unnecessary.

    • James Stewart

      Convulse on the floor, crap and vomit. Tell them you have been in west africa.

  • Joe Morales

    Well, it is indeed a very interesting civil disobedience and even though the Border Patrol spokesman says that unless you agree to respond these questions they won’t allow you to go any further, it doesn’t happen in any case from the video. Either the border patrol agents are not informed about that (then why are there untrained agents on duty?) or something is wrong here.

    • Mmmmmm…

      It’s a catch 22. They do their job and they are “rights violating hitler children”, but they decide that some jerk is flexing his rights for no real reason and wave him off, now they are “incompetent and under trained”. What’s funny to me is the only people that act this way to law enforcement ARE United States citizens… So, there is an easy way to tell who is. Agent thinking to himself… “Hmm, this angry looking douche with no happiness in his life is politely telling me to f#ck off with my single question that is my entire job… Yeah, that’s your standard Citizen.” “Have a good day, Sir.” wave* wave*

      • gillian2005

        “some jerk is flexing his rights for no real reason” betrays your ignorance. Standing up for my rights (and yours by the way) IS THE real reason and completely American. If we don’t and allow more and more encroachment on them we lose them. I will refuse to answer. That is MY right…..and if enough of us do it they will stop asking. “Just doing my job” is the same as, “I was just following orders” which didn’t work too well in Nuremberg at the war crimes trials.

  • Tony Trevino

    Plain and simple. Harassment. It goes on every day. I recall being stopped on highway 83 going to Laredo to visit sister in Laredo hospital and they asked me where I was going. What the f ___. Ridiculous. Idiots. I still don’t like to go down there- and I am from there.

    • Mmmmmm…

      Yep, that happens in all forms of power. The stops can get a little flimsy. Easy to fight in court if it comes to that.

      • Roger

        When it is your word alone against a cop’s word alone the court will take the word of the cop every time unless you are savvy enough to trip the cop up on cross examination. Most others have no chance because they can’t afford to hire an attorney. Remember the legal system? uses our money to cover their costs! Anyone that tells you that the court won’t take a cop’s word over a defendants is either an idiot or a liar!

    • truckgurl

      When I work the checkpoint, I ask everyone in the vehicle what their citizenship is. It doesn’t matter if you look of 18/19, 40, 70 years old, you’re ethnicity…. I will ask you somewhere in the 10-60+ second encounter I have with you. There are drug and alien smugglers of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. If there is anything that looks suspicious or we sense, something isn’t right….you will be asked the same questions over and over again once in secondary. If you fit a profile of a possible person of interest, we are going to ask you questions to ensure you are not the person we are looking for…for all we know you could be a rapist at large or someone that just committed a crime. If we cannot determine citizenship at primary and/or have any suspicion of any illegal activity going on, or K-9 alerts to your vehicle, you will then be sent to secondary. Should a supervisor be requested, there will be one for you to speak to. I don’t know why you are giving us Border Patrol Agents a hard time at the checkpoint. Answer the question(s) and you will be on your way. If you feel you are not obligated to answer the question, you are the only holding yourself up from moving further to your destination and wasting your time. WE have the time to deal with yall people. We have a job to do and it is to prevent drug trafficking and illegal entries into the United States of America. If I am satisfied the individual (s) in the vehicles have not provided false claim of citizenship, they will be on their way. Anyone can deal drugs, anyone can purchase drugs, anyone can kill you. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, brown, yellow, purple….I will do my job to protect my nation.

      • Jimi_Drama

        Truckgurl, what you fail to understand is you have no authority or business asking me or anyone else what their nationality is, NONE, NO AUTHORITY. You think because some federal agency tells you that you have some authority that you have it, but you don’t. At the border, your people have that authority, but at a checkpoint, you do not. Sure, it would be easy for most of us to just answer your questions, but when we do, we are giving up our rights as Americans. You might say, “well the Supreme Court upheld checkpoints up to 100 miles inside the border.” Yes, they did, but the Supreme Court did NOT overturn the 4th and 5th Amendments which explicitly denies the government the ability to conduct warrantless searches and protects citizens from answering questions by the government. Bottom line, you sit there at your checkpoint thinking you are doing something good for your country and the rest of us who are truly concerned about our country and the liberties we have here will continue to resist your attempt at tyranny.

        • Matt R.

          Jimi– you realize that these “rights” that you believe you have are protected by the very authorities that you are criticizing.
          Get your head straight. You wouldn’t have any of your precious “rights” if it weren’t for these authoritative figures who institutionalized these “rights” in the first place.

          • Jimi_Drama

            Matt, what I realize is that you are ignorant. You are ignorant of where my rights, and yours for that matter, come from and you are ignorant of how the U.S. Constitution guarantees those rights. One thing is absolutely certain and that is my rights sure as hell do not come from and are definitely not protected by the U.S. Border Patrol.

          • DCAL

            You are they typical american these days. me, me, me, me, me, me, me. You like to talk about rights…well I am going to exercise my first amendment right and tell you that you are a complete !d!ot. The supreme court has said the border patrol can conduct these checkpoints and that they ARE NOT a violation of your 4th amendment rights. If you don’t want to answer their questions fine, but don’t get all hurt when they hold you for a bit. Like it or not they have that authority like it or not.
            If you truly believe that the border patrol has not protected this country then you are just down right ignorant.

          • Jimi_Drama

            The Border Patrol, AT THE BORDER, does a fine job and that is where they belong, AT THE BORDER. I would, however, challenge the effectiveness of the checkpoints 50 or 75 miles inside the border. I have first hand knowledge of illegal aliens simply “going around” the checkpoints. Our deer lease is near Hebbronville and we have a checkpoint out there and all they do is stop U.S. citizens from travelling freely. The illegals just hike through the woods, sleep in our deer stands, break into our camp houses and steal food and then go on their way AROUND the checkpoint. The amount of money being spent at these checkpoints is ridiculous and ineffective. Furthermore, political elitists dressed in black robes making “rulings” based on their own ideology which directly contradicts the Constitution doesn’t mean they’re right and doesn’t mean I have to accept it. I’m the typical American? I think not. I would say YOU are the “typical” American of these days… Willing to sacrifice your liberty at the hands of a tyrannical government in trade for some perceived security (which does not exist).

          • Roger

            A wise man said, that those that would give up their basic freedom for temporary security, deserve neither!

          • Gordon McElvany

            You nailed it. At the border I have no problem answering questions……at the border. If they can stop ALL vehicles at these checkpoints, then ALL are presumed guilty until you prove your innocent….an American citizen. Why do I have to prove I am an American citizen inside my own country. The next step will be to go from house to house to ask the same questions. I have worked in Ghana and Tanzania over the years and was NEVER asked if I was a citizen of those countries.

          • Roger

            Well you uninformed moron you and people like you don’t have a clue! In the first place the supreme court is staffed with 9 jackasses that say the constitution means what one interprets it to mean! This is a crock, the constitution means what it states, it is written in plain, easy to understand English, the principal language of the United States of America! For instance Article l Section 9 Paragraph 3 states that: No bill of attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed, the supreme court claims this pertains only to criminal law. I disagree, if that was what it meant that is what it would state. This assessment by the supreme court is as stupid as a lot of cops assuming that speed limits don’t apply to them! Talk about ignorant, you are more ignorant than a brain dead monkey!!!!!

          • Roger

            They do not have that right, you brain dead idiot! The court cannot change what is in the constitution, period! Learn the law or shut up!

            By the way I don’t want anyone on this or any other forum to respond to any comment I make, if any appear in my email, I will simply delete them! So far all responses have been from seemingly uneducated nitwits, that shouldn’t be allowed out in public!

          • Roger

            That is 100% true even the part about Matt’s ignorance!

          • gillian2005

            WHAAAAAAAT? My rights come from the authority figures in government today? And you place the word rights in quotation marks as if to say they really don’t exist–they are just a sham? Buddy, men and women lost their lives to give us these rights and to keep them. Precious? Damn right their precious–they were paid for with the blood of our heroes and patriots. May their ghosts haunt you all your life for your demeaning of their sacrifices.

          • enantiomer2000

            Matt, do a google search for “Woman Slapped With $5,000 Bill After Border-Patrol Agents Subject Her to Multiple Invasive Searches”. These border patrol perverts reserve the right to rape you in every orifice in the name of patriotism.


            ‘AUTHORITIES” more like servant’s guess thats why you lube yourself up for your master

          • Roger

            No they are not you idiot the only people that protect our constitutional rights are the people! If these jackasses on the border were doing their job we wouldn’t have over 11,000,000 illegal aliens in the country and thousands of unaccompanied children pouring across the Mexican border now!

          • Roger

            You stupid S.O.B. We aren’t going to have any rights if the stupid American people don’t stand up and speak up and demand that their rights under the constitution be preserved. No one in government is protecting our rights you fool!

        • T_Losan

          There is an illegal immigration crisis in case you hadn’t noticed. Because of people like you, you’re not going to have a country left within a generation or two.

        • Roger

          A judge also declared the area within 100 miles of the border or coasts, a constitution free zone. No freaking judge has such power and the American people need to remove these ninnies from their positions!

      • joe langley

        Why? Because there is still a Constitution and you are a-holes.

      • Richard Miller

        Because you’re sorry ASS HOLES.

      • Roger

        God help us if we are depending on idiots like you! Oh yeah! You are a freaking liar! How long have you been on welfare?

      • Roger

        I guess the rest of us better move to China if this is your country!

      • Jay

        truckgurl, there’s a little thing called the Bill of Rights. You should read up on it some time, it’s fascinating.

      • ruff isnt it

        the Nazi were only doing their job too. keeping their country safe. but a few bad apple spoils it for the masses, I thought the majority matters but apparently not. they are willing to take away your rights all in the name of terrorism

      • nathan

        your a cocky little witch

      • Roger

        Did you ever hear of the constitution you freaking moron wanabe border patrol agent and lying S.O.B.

  • Skip Tollifson

    Checkpoints have been reported many times to be obstructive and not respectful of the rights of U.S. citizens. The United Nations High Commission on Human Rights (UNHCR) repeatedly includes Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) among serious offenders in the world. Congress should find some other way to secure the borders. And, on the border is where the check points must be. Not in Milwaukee or a 100 miles from cheap gas in Mexico or duty free booze in Canada.

    • truckgurl

      When I work the checkpoint, I ask everyone in the vehicle what their citizenship is. It doesn’t matter if you look of 18/19, 40, 70 years old, you’re ethnicity…. I will ask you somewhere in the 10-60+ second encounter I have with you. There are drug and alien smugglers of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. If there is anything that looks suspicious or we sense, something isn’t right….you will be asked the same questions over and over again once in secondary. If you fit a profile of a possible person of interest, we are going to ask you questions to ensure you are not the person we are looking for…for all we know you could be a rapist at large or someone that just committed a crime. If we cannot determine citizenship at primary and/or have any suspicion of any illegal activity going on, or K-9 alerts to your vehicle, you will then be sent to secondary. Should a supervisor be requested, there will be one for you to speak to. I don’t know why you are giving us Border Patrol Agents a hard time at the checkpoint. Answer the question(s) and you will be on your way. If you feel you are not obligated to answer the question, you are the only holding yourself up from moving further to your destination and wasting your time. WE have the time to deal with yall people. We have a job to do and it is to prevent drug trafficking and illegal entries into the United States of America. If I am satisfied the individual (s) in the vehicles have not provided false claim of citizenship, they will be on their way. Anyone can deal drugs, anyone can purchase drugs, anyone can kill you. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, brown, yellow, purple….I will do my job to protect my nation.

      • RG

        First, I appreciate border agents doing their job (they have the right to ask questions). I’m 40+ and served my country. My father is a Vietnam Vet and served in Korea. I appreciate you have a job to help protect our nation. We fought for every citizen’s constitutional rights. Regardless of your post you are not above our constitutional rights. A citizen going about their daily business should not be subjected to or feel intimidated by such questioning. As an agent, it’s your job to protect my rights and those of every U.S. citizen/taxpayer. This was true for me as well during my service. If this is not your motto, you may want to consider private-sector work. So… Border agents also have the right to ask questions (see, I’m smart enough to admit you have rights too). But to assume any person in a vehicle at your checkpoint is legally bound to answer questions or enter a secondary at your request… well that is simply absurd. A U.S. citizen going about their daily business is NOT legally obligated to answer questions like “Are you a U.S. citizen” or “Where are you going”. That is called “invasion of privacy”. We have the right to proceed unimpeded with our business. Agents cannot force a U.S. citizen to comply with such requests “without probable cause” (ie: DUI suspicion, speeding, or otherwise behaving in an illegal capacity). And frankly, if someone is dumb enough to do that… have at them LOL! See, I’m reasonable. But again, I personally do not answer such questions and I’ve always been allowed to proceed on my way. I’m always very respectful and do not act like these other young idiots who run their mouths. A simple “No, thank you, Sir or M’aam – on grounds that such questioning violates my constitutional rights” and I’ve never had a problem. We should not be subjected to “profiling questions” and I’m white btw. So whether someone is black, white, latino, oriental looking, buckteeth, funny nose… should not matter. History serves as a reminder. If you recall, WWII did not start overnight but started with business and political subjugation. It was only later that it seeped into the social and personal fabrics of everyday life to become the nightmare it was – a LOSS OF RIGHTS! Human rights were thrown out the window with “checkpoints” and “Are you a citizen” (later to be changed to “Are you a Jew”)! Ever heard of the “Night of Broken Glass” 11/09/1938? If you do not know your history – you are bound to repeat it. Millions died. My father-in-law fought the Germans and witnessed the death camps. I’ve been to Dachau. Have YOU?! Every time I drive near a border I do NOT answer your questions. My daughter feels protected. She shouldn’t feel “harassed” by a border agent who says they’re “just doing their job to protect my nation.” Your “job” is to protect U.S. Citizens – so stop violating our constitutional rights.

      • Old Sailor NM

        I thank you for your service and appreciate your work, but I’ll protect my country not only with my prior military service, but with civil disobedience as well. When I relinquish a right willing that I worked so hard in my youth to preserve. I’ve failed in my duty to protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign or domestic. Enemies come in all guises and a government that subverts our rights is in danger of becoming a tyranny itself.

      • enantiomer2000

        Do a google search for: “Woman Slapped With $5,000 Bill After Border-Patrol Agents Subject Her to Multiple Invasive Searches”. You border patrol agents are the worst kind of scum.

        • Tinderbox

          That’s not the same scenario. She was entering the U.S. at the Mexican border and for whatever reason a drug-sniffing dog alerted on her car. This discussion is about U.S. interior checkpoints.


        “for all we know you could be a rapist at large or someone that just committed a crime”

        That is not your job, nor is it authorized under the 1976 supreme court ruling, your authority only extends to immigration status check.

      • Refugio Magallon

        If you’re trying to protect your nation, why don’t you go work at an ACTUAL border checkpoint? Is your job to violate people’s rights? What are you defending by doing this work, if you already took our rights? By the way, the reason some people don’t just answer the questions you ask at INTERIOR (NOT AT THE BORDER OR UP TO 100 MILES AWAY FROM THE OTHER COUNTRY) border check points is because they are expressing their rights and looking at how much control the government has. Even at 100 miles from the border, they want to use the word “border” as an excuse to violate your rights. If I was a criminal, and you asked me if I was a US Citizen, I would simply answer, and go on my way with the tons of cocaine/weapons/ect in the back of my vehicle.

      • Jennifer Holstien

        If I have not crossed the border and do not intend to, then I don’t need to be inspected by border patrol, regardless of what else I may be up to. Therefore, do your job at the border and stop harassing citizens 100 miles inland most of which have nothing to do with the border. If you can’t catch the people within the first 25 miles of the border, then you have already failed at your job

        • Roger

          Apparently they can’t catch them at all!

      • Danny Wade

        “…for all we know you could be a rapist at large or someone that just committed a crime.”

        That works both ways. For all I know, YOU could be a rapist at large.

      • Mossad_Kidon

        You have no right to stop people who are well within the borders anything at all without reasonable suspicion. You are a robot, a drone who can not think for his/her self. Maybe you should work in North Korea.

        • Stephen K

          “You have no right to stop people who are well within the borders anything at all without reasonable suspicion.”

          Unfortunately, your position is contrary to the law. Within a 100 miles of an international border, ICE can do inspections without probable cause.

          • Ma}{

            They can stop briefly per the SCOTUS rulings, but they absolutely cannot inspect inland without probable cause.

          • Stephen K

            Haha! Probable cause? Anything can become probable cause.

          • Landon Parks

            I say always carry a video recorder with you when crossing border areas. ICE is less likely to try and cheat you that way. It’s easy for a cop to say you did something, its another thing when you have solid proof to the contrary.

            Why is it you think ICE and cops in general don’t like to be videotaped? For this reason alone. They are afraid they will mess up and break the law like they do countless times, and you’ll have something on them.

            I’m not a cop hater or against ICE officials inspecting at checkpoints on the border… But also know your rights – and know that cops are not always honest and will find a way to make your day a living nightmare if you give them any reason to. The video camera is there for YOUR protection.

          • Mike


            ICE does not do any inspections at checkpoint on the border or the interior. Wrong agency. That’s CBP’s area. Once Border Patrol processing the aliens, they are then turned over to ICE for deportation.

            If you don’t know the job responsibilities, how can you honestly comment on a topic you obviously have no knowledge of.

          • Roger

            How can they do that they can’t even stop children from crossing the border, they are idiots!

          • Roger

            You are an idiot, period!

          • Stephen K

            You reply to a 3 month old post with that? Does your probation officer know you are on the internet?

          • Mike

            “ICE can do inspections without probable cause”
            Why is ICE doing inspections or manning checkpoints anyway. You have the wrong agency. CBP does 100% of this work. ICE is not involved at all until aliens are turned over to them for deportation.

      • jon

        ” I don’t know why you are giving us Border Patrol Agents a hard time at the checkpoint.” And I don’t know why you are giving US Citizens a hard time for going about living their lives! I have all the time in the world to spend defending my rights.

        • Joshua Alan Blow

          We will give you “agents” a hard time because you are infringing on our rights. You are not lord and master over us, you are OUR employees, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND

          • Roger

            He has nothing to do with the border patrol. In fact he is probably afraid to go out alone at night!

        • Roger

          I hope some of you liars know that you go to HELL for that!

      • Joshua Alan Blow

        We will give you “agents” a hard time because you are infringing on our rights. You are not lord and master over us, you are OUR employees, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND “agent.”

      • Laurie Murdock

        Who the hell gave you the authority to go after persons of interest or people who have committed crimes? You are supposed to be enforcing INS laws and nothing else! God, don’t you people even get any training at all?

    • Roger

      They need a wall like that one in China!

  • Robin Jones Massengill

    Yesterday while returning home from Las Cruces New Mexico, I went through the border check between Las Cruces and Deming. It is my understanding that they are looking for illegals and drugs. They did have 2 dogs working, which neither hit on my mini van. I was never asked if I was a US citizen. I am a white person, so maybe he figured I was, but he asked me where I was going, I told him home to Silver City. He asked where I had been, I told him Las Cruces for jury duty. He asked me which court. I told him I didn’t know, but I gave him the address of the court, which I knew because I put it in my gps to get there & then I asked him if he wanted to see my summons, he said no. Then he asked me if it was my van, I said yes, he asked me how long I had had it for, I am not sure, maybe since 2007. Then he sends me on my way. What was that all about? So, you have a white grandma, going home from jury duty selection in a mini van with cat stickers on her window and a front lic. plate that says “it’s all about me” I think that really screams, I am illegal drug carrier, stop me!! LOL

    • Mmmmmm…

      Perfect way to avoid suspicion… They have found people up into their 70’s hauling a trunk full of heroin and meth. Can’t rule someone out based on age and appearance. Just as you can’t rule someone a dirtbag for being mid 20’s and wearing a wife beater shirt. Bias goes both ways

      • Roger

        Yeah, but it took them years to find the tunnel under the Rio Grande with a 2 lane highway running through it big enough for semi’s to pass!

        • GrimmTale

          …Couldn’t find that “2 lane highway” tunnel reported anywhere. I did locate multiple stories about a 2-foot wide,130-foot long tunnel. Could you have exaggerated a bit, or better yet, please link-me-up to your story….?

    • Bill Murry

      A lot of people pickup a vehicle at a certain location and try driving it loaded with drugs through a checkpoint. It was just routine questions. I am a BPA and some times I just ask random questions. Gets them off any script they memorized. Where you come from, where you going, are you a US citizen is easy to memorize. Did you see the College basketball game last night? , How about them Yankees, hey that’s a funny hat your wearing today. Usually pleasant conversation.

      • Roger

        You are a liar! If a BPA as you refer to them asked me if I saw the game last night I would think he was an idiot! Then I would probably ask him if he wiped after his last crap or just ate it! No border patrol agent is going to refer the border patrol as the BPA no more than residents of Los Angeles are going to call their city LA.

        • GrimmTale

          {{{uuugh}}}} BPA=Border Patrol Agent

      • StreyDawg

        If that was the best you could do when it comes to employment, you should just swallow the whole bottle of pills with a fifth of jack.

    • James Stewart

      You were the one who chose to answer the many questions which you were under no legal obligation to answer.

    • Sam Freedom

      Robin, you’d be surprised how many people who fit your description like the idea of being able to make a quick $5k-$10k under the table by transporting illegal aliens in their quaint little minivan with cat stickers

  • Bruce Card

    I believe in being reasonable, they should have presented their drivers license and proof of insurance, and then not answered any questions. Please paste this in YouTube,,, “A vision of swords”

    • bogopogo

      why would you provide a drivers license and proof of insurance?

      It was not a routine traffic stop – it was an immigration checkpoint.

      As I understand it – a police officer cannot just pull you over because they feel like it and ask for your license and registration. They have to have a valid reason to pull you over.

  • Bruce Card

    Some of my kids have been assaulted twice at knife point by illegals. The first time and older man intervened and made them give their wallets back. The second time the kids ran, and called the cops and the knife welder was arrested. Last year an illegal who had been drinking crashed into our rear fence and hit my truck, my son called the cops, they came, the driver had no license yet they just let him drive off. When asked why he just let him go, the officer said the man would have just ignored a ticket, so why do anything. Something is busted here, it all has to do with money. Now that they can obtain a drivers license in California, that will be useless to prove they were a citizen in order to vote (unless included in the license info) But I guess dead people and the man in the moon can vote in America. Please post this in YouTube,,, “A vision of swords”

  • mason

    if alien cross unmanned border between Canada and usa with valid passport is that considered illegal entry or not?

    • Mmmmmm…

      Yes, it is. It’s a charge of “Entry Without Inspection” (EWI)

    • truckgurl

      DUH…anyone (regardless if you’re an American citizen) entering the USA needs to be inspected and admitted by an officer to ensure s/he is to be in the USA legally.

      • Aussi_Gal

        I don’t think anyone should have the right to tell you where you can or cannot travel/live! As long as you have means of supporting yourself and your not a murderer or a drug dealer then no one should have the right to stop you!!!!!

  • Evelyn Foster

    I live in the state of New Mexico, we do have an illegal alien problem but we have a “shoot first ask questions later” street gang called Law Enforcement Officers. My dad was a cop and HE and few others, had INTEGRITY, DIPLOMACY, and COURAGE to stand up to the abusive tactics of other LEO’s who sweep our Constitutional Rights under the rug because they have a badge. Sorry, but as a Christian I try to stand behind the “laws of the land” as the Bible tells us however, I choose my God given RIGHTS over any man made law.

    • Richard Shank

      You have NO God given rights.

      If they were from God then no mortal could take them as we have seen time and time again rights are suspended which means that they are not rights but privileges.

      The US Constitution was created to protect US Citizens from the Government and are not to be violated but they do. The Supreme Court in the last 30 years has overwritten the Constitution and perverted this country because they are in permanent chairs.

      If all these people had term limits them we would not see such things as our founding fathers had intended.

      So where does this leave the every day citizen when a corrupt official can not legally be relieved of duty when that person has been corrupted.

      This is a difference than saying an official is corrupt.
      You can hear O’Reilly and Mark Levin scream that Obama is doing illegal activities and is corrupt yet no charges have been filed anywhere. All his actions pass the legal test and not only was he voted for twice but won. He also had Obamacare passed and it to this day can not be struck down yet the rhetoric still continues.

      Now saying that, Justice Roberts rewrote the law so that it can pass legally when that wasn’t his job to do so as well as that Obamacare was not sold to the people to work the way it is.
      You can not legally force someone to buy something then it is a tax.

      So who is wrong here? Once again we have a Supreme Court that can not be ejected legally making up crap as they go along.

      So, what to do. I don’t condone violence in a civilized society but unless we have a reform and implement term limits then we are literally screwed as a nation unless some other type of action arises. If it comes to the people taking that matter into their own hands I do not want to be in this country when it happens.

      • Jimi_Drama

        I do…

      • Roger

        You idiots make me sick. The American people could remove Obama, Biden and every member of congress and the supreme court tomorrow morning if they weren’t so stupid!

      • Sam Freedom

        “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

        The US Constitution and Declaration of Independence were not written with your opinion in mind — only that citizens would have the right to express theirs. When you chide someone as to what is God-given or not, you, too, then, are presuming to know what this God thinks or wants. You claim that if a God gave men rights, they could not be taken away. That is faulty logic. In the spirit of free will, what makes God-given rights inviolable? Is not one of the premises that man has the right to defend his life and be free of tyranny? It did not say that a God would be a 24/7 dictator but that men had certain rights and the right to defend them.

        As for Justice Roberts “rewriting” Obamacare… bullshit. What he did was one of the most astute judicial moves I’ve ever seen… he called Obamacare what it was. As you say, he shouldn’t be rewriting laws but only determining whether or not they are Constitutional. He determined that it was, in all actuality, a TAX and, therefore, constitutional. With all the waivers granted and offered, a person is hardly forced to buy it, but as you also point out, it doesn’t do what it set out to do because it is the most despicably horrible piece of legislaton ever written in the history of the United States.

        • patriot2947

          I agreed with you up to the part where you said, “a person is hardly forced to buy it…”.
          However, if you don’t, you will be punished with a fine, taken from any tax refunds.

    • Michael

      The 99% of cops who are arrogant assholes give the 1 % who aren’t a bad name.

    • Roger

      Another liar and an idiot period! LEO/BS!

    • Talis

      Evelyn that was some spin. I got dizzy.
      1. You are a christian
      2. You acknowledge that the sky fairy told you to follow the laws of the land
      3. You then trash what you were told to do by saying you choose the sky fairies laws over the laws of the land.
      Can you explain to your cod and us why you are not a good christian?

      • lliiffee

        The bible says that you shouldn’t break the law of the land, which is the known now as the “Supreme Law Of The Land” aka The constitution. I’ve studied many religions and every site that is mentioned in the bible have been found. Christianity has Jesus that gave his life for everyone to have a way to the heavens above. No other religion that I’ve studied so far can claim to something like this. The arc of Noah has also been found, as well as solomons cave, and many other’s.

        • Talis

          Thanks for the laugh. If you really believe what you just posted, then I recommend you check your self in for a 30 psychiatric hold.

          • lliiffee

            You’re just stuck in a paradox, one day you will see more than what you know now. Just step back a few steps and perceive everything from different angles, there is more than one shade. There’s a lot of things science can explain, making them only theories. Archaeology can prove more than what a theory from a scientist could. What does me being checked in a psychiatric hold has to do with anything, on the contrary I would recommend you check yourself in. Wonder why? Well, you watch fox news and says that you rather believe there fairy tales that they feed you everyday rather than believing in some that has validation being backed by archaeology and science.

          • Talis

            LOL again you prove your ignorance. You do not even know the difference between a theory in science and a theory in other disciplines.

            For you Mullah:


            Colloquial Use

            To use math expressions, the general use of these words goes in order of importance as: Fact > Law > Theory > Hypothesis.

            “Fact” in Everyday Language: A “fact” is something that is true. Whether you like it or not, “facts are stubborn things” (thank you, John Adams … or, “facts are stupid things” courtesy of Ronald Reagan). In general use, a “fact” is the strongest thing that can be said about, well, anything.

            “Law” in Everyday Language: In everyday language, a “law” is generally on the same level as a fact. A law is something that is true, that generally explains or answers lots of different things. However, outside of politics, “law” is rarely used unless actually referring to something scientific.

            “Theory” in Everyday Language: This is where the supposed insult to scientists comes in when you call something “just a theory.” Outside of scientific circles, a “theory” is more of a supposition. “I have a theory that my cat will meow when it hears someone at the door.” It may or may not be “true,” but it’s a supposition I have that is probably supported by at least some sort of observation. But it’s really “just a theory” and is just as likely to be shown wrong at any given time as it is to be shown right.

            “Hypothesis” in Everyday Language: A “hypothesis” is sort of on the same level as a “theory,” if slightly below. To most people, they can be used interchangeably, though most will just resort to “theory” because “hypothesis” is an extra syllable longer and makes you sound like a nerd.

            Scientific Use

            In science, the order of importance of these is almost reversed: Theory > Law > Hypothesis > Facts. In addition, each term has a specific, well-defined use.

            “Fact” in Science: It may surprise you to know that a “fact” is generally used the same way – it is an observation – but it is very specific. For example, if I drop a ball while holding it in the air above a surface, it is a fact that it will fall to the surface. This term is usually not used, however – we resort to “observations.” For example, I observe that when the wind blows, a flag will flutter.

            “Hypothesis” in Science: This is an “idea” that is formulated to explain observations (or our “facts”). In the above to examples, I might hypothesize that there is a force that pulls on the ball, counteracted when I’m holding it. Or that the wind exerts a force on the flag that causes it to flutter. The purpose of a hypothesis is to explain one or more observations in a cogent way. A good hypothesis must be testable – it must be able to make predictions about what would happen in similar situations – otherwise a hypothesis can never be verified nor refuted … and it remains “just a hypothesis.” At present, String “Theory” is really just a hypothesis.

            “Law” in Science: Laws are a descriptive generalization about how some aspect of the natural world behaves under stated circumstances. For example, Kepler’s Three Laws of Planetary Motion are (1) Planets travel in ellipses with one focus being the Sun, (2) planets sweep out equal area in equal time, and (3) a planet’s period-squared is proportional to its semi-major-axis-cubed. Laws are generally made from many facts/observations and are effectively an “elevated” level from a hypothesis. Another example are the Laws of Thermodynamics. Because a Law is just a description of how something behaves and it does not explain why it behaves that way, it is usually considered to be below the level of a theory.

            “Theory” in Science: A theory is really one of the pinnacles of science – what nearly everyone strives to make out of their hypotheses. A hypothesis is elevated to a theory when it has withstood all attempts to falsify it. Experiment after experiment has shown it sufficient to explain all observations that it encompasses. In other words, a “theory” has never been shown to be false, despite – usually – hundreds if not thousands of separate attempts to break it. It explains the observations with one or more mechanisms and, because it provides that mechanism, it is considered to be above the level of a Law. Examples these days are the Theory of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, the Germ Theory of Disease, and yes, the Theory of Evolution.

          • Talis

            More for Mullah lliiffee.


            Ill help you along:

            So, what does the word “theory” mean in science?

            According to the National Academies of Sciences, “some

            scientific explanations are so well established that no new evidence is

            likely to alter them. The explanation becomes a scientific theory. In

            everyday language a theory means a hunch or speculation. Not so in

            science. In science, the word theory refers to a comprehensive explanation of an important feature of nature supported by facts gathered over time. Theories also allow scientists to make predictions about as yet unobserved phenomena”.

            People who don’t understand this distinction sometimes dismiss ideas

            saying “it’s just a theory” (this is very commonly used to suggest that

            evolution is just speculation, for example). But, when scientists speak

            of the theory of gravity or the theory of evolution, they don’t mean

            that these are random untested ideas that someone came up with after too

            many beers.

            The AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science), the

            world’s largest scientific society, has this explanation of what

            scientists mean when they use the word “theory”:

            A scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect

            of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly

            confirmed through observation and experiment. Such fact-supported

            theories are not “guesses” but reliable accounts of the real world.” LIKE THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION.

          • Talis

            Your God just spoke to me. I am amazed as anyone at this turn of events as I am an atheist. She said that you and the other fanatics couldnt be trusted with her message.

            You know what SHE told me?

            She told me to tell you to quit speaking for her. She never sent a son here to die and she didnt say the things men say she said.

            She told me to warn you that if you do not stop this blasphemy then she going to make sure you burn.

            And she wants you to know she is a lesbian.

          • Talis

            I often wonder if religious folks understand the entire meaning and reason behind “faith”. By definition it’s not “fact”, because if it were, then one’s free will would be eliminated. The whole point of faith is to have faith despite the lack of concrete proof – i.e., despite the fact that the point in issue is not a “fact”.

          • Talis

            Although biblical Jesus did not exist, let’s assume that he did. Here is what Jesus did which is contrary to the GOP philosophy­: “The Gospel of John reports that five small barley loaves and two small fish supplied by a boy were used by Jesus to feed a multitude or 5,000 people.” That was socialism. Contrary to GOP, Jesus believed in sharing of wealth and livelihood­. He despised the rich and corrupt officials. Today, he would be called a radical progressiv­e Democrat.

          • Talis

            “When you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

            -Matthew 6:5-6

          • Talis

            When a religion is good, I conceive it will support itself; and when it does not support itself so that its professors are obliged to call for the help of the civil power, ’tis a sign, I apprehend, of its being a bad one.” ~Benjamin Franklin

            “Christianity neither is, nor ever was, a part of the Common Law.” ~Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, 1814

            “As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion -…” U.S. Government statement in the 11th Article of the treaty with Tripoli of 1796.

          • Talis

            The Bible has a lot of wonderful stories & moral tales we could learn from – but so does Aesop’s Fables and Plato. To believe the Bible, a 2000 yr old book, answers all of lifes questions – is hogwash.

            The ‘world’ it was written in was considerably smaller – flat with an edge you’d fall off of – monsters & mythology existed and the entire world population was maybe 200 million and 95% very poorly educated.

    • Cadaver dog

      God didn’t give you any rights homie. The Bible was written by paid scribes, not God. Get it together

    • disqus_eQD2LcRo0q

      So you have a problem with these officers keeping our country safe? They weren’t doing anything wrong, just trying to do their jobs.

      • Robert Larson

        Ah, but upholding the U.S. Constitution, as ALL law enforcement officers are required (and take an OATH) to do, trumps keeping our country safe, every time. We HAVE no country without freedom and liberty.The back of my hand to the traitorous judges and politicians that undermine our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, in the name of safety and security. And a swift kick in the butt to their minions, cops and agents at all levels that enforce their illegal, un-American ‘laws’. There is a special place in hell for people that would give up their LIBERTY for ‘safety’. As an American citizen living in Arizona, I take care of my own security. I don’t need some bully with a tin badge doing it for me. Here’s an idea: buy some weapons, learn how to use them, and take a U.S.History and social studies course while your at it!

    • ArmyAviator

      But…but…but…I thought “rights” were granted by 0bama and the government! John F Kerry (D-Ma) said so…and…and…and no democrat would ever LIE, would she?

  • Matt R.

    You sir, are a douchebag. There are certain precautions that we must take to regulate the flow of illegal and undocumented citizens in and out of the United States. You pride yourself on the fact that the U.S. is a free country, but that freedom is protected by these border checkpoints that ensure the safety of the American people. Do I think illegal immigrants should be allowed in this country? Sure. Do I think these checkpoints become a hassle? Of course, I drive through one everyday to work. However, what you’re doing is obnoxious and you’re not proving anything by being an immature brat to these people who are trying to do their jobs.

    • Richard Miller

      You Sir are a complete Phallus Smoker.

  • U.S. Citizen

    All of you that want to play those little Mickey Mouse games with the Border Patrol should be arrested on the spot, vehicle confiscated and fined heavily. You’ve been listening to idiots like Rand Paul or other misguided MISFITS that call themselves “The Tea Party” and believe that crap … Grow Up. Maybe It could be that you guys are some of those “Not So Bright” folks that run around the country side on the weekends playing war games like they’re the self appointed protectors of the poor unsuspecting/naïve citizens of this country. If you think that by doing things like this you are protecting the average U.S. citizen rights, WE don’t need or want your help ….. You’re all IDIOTS !! Maybe if the rest of us are lucky, the Congress will revisit the authority that is given to the Border Patrol agents and put an end to the stupid s%*t that you little constitution pre schoolers/doomsday preppers are playing. You’ve been watching too much reality bulls**t programs. Make good use of your passports and go visit (Traitor) Edward Snowden …. MORONS

    • Jimi_Drama

      You forgot to say our weapons should be confiscated, we should be moved to detention camps, be given identification tattoos on our arms and forced to do hard labor until we die. Your username might be U.S. Citizen, but you shouldn’t qualify. You are the moron for believing the federal government has your best interest in mind.

      • U.S. Citizen

        Detention camps for idiots is really not a bad idea, but I prefer to call it federal prison, tattoos are for people who are trying to cover up ugly and if most people spent the same amount of time being productive on their job (if they have one) as they do playing these games, our economy would recover quicker. I own all kinds of weapons and have heard all the bulls^*t from other misfits like the “NRA” Doomsday Preppers that the government is going to come to my house and take them all away for years. They haven’t shown up yet !! I find it amusing that all of the so called “Citizen Rights Protectors” show up at border patrol checkpoints and remove any doubt about how just really ignorant they are. Personally, I’d prefer that the border patrol pull those guys out of their vehicle and pistol whip the sh*^t out of them, shove that video camera up their ass, then send them on their way. This would eliminate over crowding of the prison system and stem the flow of traffic across the border. I did totally waste a few minutes of my time though and watched one video where the border patrol agent busted the driver’s side window out of a car and pulled “Jethro Sh$t for Brains” out of his vehicle. I guess that’s one guy who had enough of that bull and showed him that he was going to do exactly what he had been told …. it was extremely good viewing !! Maybe mommy didn’t breast feed you enough or daddy didn’t show you enough attention when you were growing up (supposedly) and this is the only way that you can get any attention when you’re out in public. None the less it proves to me what I’ve known for years and that is the public education system in this country has a lot of work to do …. they are turning too many ignorant people loose on the unsuspecting society and it shows.

        • Jimi_Drama

          You must be a cop. I can smell your authoritarian swine stench right through my internet connection. True ignorance would be to ignore history and that is exactly what you are doing when you deny the intrusion of the federal government on our liberty. To travel freely through our country, at 50, 75 or 100 miles INSIDE the border, is a very basic liberty. I should not have to stop and be questioned by the government about my travels. The “Border Patrol” belongs at the “BORDER.” But, from your support of violence, beatings, the insertion of inanimate objects in the anuses of citizens I can tell that you have some sort of membership in the “law enforcement” community. Your amusement at the beating of a citizen by the federal authoritarian gestapo, for no reason, tells me you probably spent time as a jailer; I’m sure you enjoyed taking those men down to the shower so you could watch them bathe and gaze at their manhood. Be prepared for me brown shirt any day you decide to accost me on the roadside… I am prepared for you.

          • Mason Dixon

            Just do like I do when I drive through checkpoints here in southern Arizona. I wave a rebel flag out the window and I don’t answer jack sh**. I’m Native American and from NC by the way. But I am very familiar with the checkpoints in your area too since my in-laws have a ranch in Duval county.

        • Richard Miller

          U.S. Citizen= Village Idiot.
          Take your meds dude.

        • Rob Hughes

          I wish you were near by to beat your ass….

        • Facta Non Verba

          The Revolution was about freeing people from the inbred degrades we’ll call “The Old English” Not about creating a country full of the same…oh how the cause gets lost over time.

          Good luck America, home of the not really free at all.

    • Richard Miller

      F-Off you retard.

    • Richard Miller

      U.S. Citizen, did your mom have any children that lived?

      “All of you that want to play those little Mickey Mouse games with the Border Patrol should be arrested on the spot, vehicle confiscated and fined heavily

      Wow , you would fit right in if everyone lived in Nazi Germany or North Korea.

    • gillian2005

      Sieg Heil!! The nazi party would welcome you with open arms.

    • hargen

      Yes, protecting and defending the bill of rights and constitution is a mickey mouse game. Welcome Comrade, you have been officially brainwashed.

      • Real History

        Why do you call him Comrade? No, he is a typical American. And lawlessness is not new in the US. In the USSR, for example, I did not see this harassment of citizens by law enforcement bodies.

  • john

    I was born and raised in El Paso Tx, i moved to PHX AZ many years and this past December I moved to Ruidoso NM for new job, since I have family in El Paso I go there every week on my days off. I get stopped every time with numerous questions and then canine search, then they put my truck in a ramp and seach the undercarriage, smfh, this is so frustrating in many ways. I sit on a green bench while others see me and pass by the check point. I understand they need to check and do what ever to stop drugs from coming in but come on now, every week its the same BS and now I am just tired of it!

  • Bill Murry

    This is why I stopped volunteering for checkpoint. You can’t really be effective on it unless you push the boundaries of the law. I liked working around the checkpoint.
    Most of the drugs and arrests happen around the checkpoint. One stat put it at I think 250 arrests at the checkpoint during the recording period and over 3000 total in the Grid or the areas directly around the checkpoint. So the Bad guys know the checkpoint is there and try to go around and get caught.

  • Joe Farrell

    I have the right not to answer your questions. You can only detain me if you develop a reasonable suspicion that I am not present here in the US legally., I tell you: ” I refuse to answer the grounds based on the advice of counsel and stand on my fifth amendment right to remain silent.”

    you cannot detain me for exercising my rights, and, more importantly, you cannot use by refusal to answer by invoking my constitutional rights as grounds for further detention. So what happens? They let you go.

    I was driving a moving truck towing a South Carolina registered vehicle. I came upon the checkpoint at I-10 in New Mexico. I said exactly what I said above: “On advice of counsel and invoking my 5th amendment right I refuse to answer your question and remain silent.”

    Double take – and I was told: “I have to get an answer to the question.” I remained silent.

    Pull over to the secondary inspection lane : “State your articulable suspicion for further detention”

    Calls over his boss. He tells his boss that I refuse to answer any questions – I then said – I invoked by Fifth Amendment right – thats the basis of refusal.

    Boss looks at me and gives me the spiel about making their job harder. I remained silent.

    He then directed me to secondary – and I said: “I asked Officer Gutierrez to state his articuable suspicion for further detention – I got nothing. Now I ask you. Invoking my constitutional rights is not grounds for further detention or inspection. Think carefully and decide properly Sergeant.”

    He looked at me hard – and sent me on my way.

  • Landon Parks

    Easiest way to avoid problems with ICE? Video record the entire encounter. ICE and cops in general can claim just about anything to grant probable cause for a search, but they are less likely to do so when they have a video camera recording them. Unless of course your actually giving them probable cause – then your just stupid.

    No matter what they tell you, you CAN legally record the encounter. Due to some States wiretapping laws you need to make it know you’re recording them – and its a good idea to do so – but they cannot demand you stop recording or confiscate your recorder. The US Supreme court ruled that video taping public officials is perfectly legal in the conduction of their duties.

  • guest

    what if I ask them all that in Spanish or any other language? Does that give them a probable cause? US doesnt have an official language.. so I can technically speak any language and that shouldnt be a probable cause to suspect someones not in the country legally… right?

  • k191

    Actual law about border patrol questions before/without an arrest:
    8 CFR 287.8 (b)(1) – Standards for enforcement activities
    (b) Interrogation and detention not amounting to arrest. (1) Interrogation is questioning designed to elicit specific information. An immigration officer, like any other person, has the right to ask questions of anyone as long as the immigration officer does not restrain the freedom of an individual, not under arrest, to walk away.​

    I arrived at a Texas internal checkpoint, and the officer asked “Are you a US citizen?” I answered “yes.” I politely declined to answer any additional questions. The officer asked, “Can I search your vehicle?” I said “No thank you.”
    The officer was visible confused, and turned to a nearby officer, asking what he should do. This second officer whispered, “just tell him the dog smelled something.” The second officer ended up telling me that the dog detected “something” in my car, which “gives us probable cause.” They told me I would not be allowed to pass the checkpoint, and I had to pull over to secondary so they could search my vehicle.
    I told them “I do not consent to this search, I do not give you permission to search my car.”
    The supervisor asked, “are you going to try to stop us?” I said I would not physically stop them, but I still do not give consent. They searched my car. They found nothing, no drugs, no weapons, no hidden people. 20 minutes later, they let me leave.
    If an officer is willing to lie about the dog smelling something, then that officer would probably be willing to lie about actually discovering drugs (such as by planting them).
    Even if border patrol does not plant drugs, if I challenge this type of thing in court, the officer is likely to just say “we thought there was something suspicious, it turned out to be nothing.” This is clearly unconstitutional – as the Supreme Court has ruled, refusal to cooperate does not constitute probable cause. But we know that unethical officers (local, state, or federal) treat refusal as probable cause every day.
    Pursuing nothing in my car is an inconvenience to me, but it is also not productive for the border patrol. That is, if border patrol agents violate the constitution by spending 20 minutes on a clean car, that is 20 minutes they have not spent finding actual drugs or non-citizens. I understand I could submit, cooperate, lick their boots, and jump through whichever hoops they want. But the fact is, the constitution does not require me to do so. They are the ones who need to learn to follow the law. It will allow them to do their jobs better, without wasting time on me.
    I suspect that some members of their agency are not just interested in finding drug and immigration violations. They are also interested in being “respected,” which means they want other citizens to treat them as if they were extra important, extra powerful. The truth is, a border patrol agent is an ordinary citizen like any of us. The primary difference is that we pay their salaries, meaning they work for us. Why should I tolerate my employees’ insistence on showing off their power? If they want me to respect them at a checkpoint, they need to respect me at a checkpoint, and respect the constitution at a checkpoint.

  • Karen Boyd

    I will answer all questions that pertain to me being here legally. I was born here, and my family goes back to the Cherokee. I will do my part to protect America and if answering a few pointed questions do that then I will answer them honestly. I will not dicker or argue with border patrol. I will simply answer and help them do their job, protecting America.

  • Karen Boyd

    OMG they know you are a citizen when you quote American constitutional law at them. lmao

  • Roger

    Do you know how cops get probable cause? They make it up!

  • Seanmar

    I can hardly believe this is actually happening.

  • J Lacey

    Look guys, the fullest freedom you can have is the freedom of which you are willing to give up some of it. That’s just a fact. Put yourself in Border Patrol shoes. If a car carrying explosives or etc somehow makes it through the checkpoint and rams into a McDonald’s later that day, there is no end to the b.s. the agent who allowed the car through is going to catch. He’ll probably be fired.

    We’re putting far too much emphasis on our freedom. We’re scared to death that we’re being spied upon night and day, and yet, we are spies too!

    Our children don’t leave the house for school or a concert or some other event that aren’t in their rooms rifling their drawers, surfing their computer to see who and what they’re communicating about. We check between the mattresses and behind things — not because we hate them but because we love about them. They are family.

    In the same exact way, the larger American family, the collective, is the responsibility of government. The huge difference is that it has no better way of checking on whose perhaps making bombs in the basement than through our phones and computers. The government doesn’t live in a bedroom in our house. It is limited big time in how it is able to check on the suspect who is collecting Uzis and thousands of rounds of ammunition so he can barnstorm a school and kill 20 children.

    Ask yourself, what would YOUR solution be? How is government supposed to keep tabs on suspects?

    Look, the human being can be a wonderful creatures. Unfortunately, he can also be a worthless piece of garbage. The guy we least suspect next door has a teenaged girl tied up in the barn that he’s abusing. The pastor at church is molesting a young boy. The Senator from our state is involved in money laundering. It goes on and on and on.

    How do YOU propose monitoring his activities if you don’t live with him, don’t have a key to his house, don’t have access to his computer or phone or dresser drawers?

    And finally, how are you going to rightly blame the government when something terrible happens about which the government did nothing but, in your estimation, should have been fully aware and ready to handle?

    Government is NOT the problem. Our selfishness and greed and stupidity are. Whoever said it best said, “Freedom is not free.” And indeed it is not. The BEST freedom we have is the freedom we have as a result of having given up some of it in exchange for more of it.

    If you aren’t going anything illegal what are you so worried about? Has the family next door had their door broken down at 3 in the morning by federal agents and whisked away without your ever hearing about them or seeing them again? No. When that happens, then it is time to be concerned. Meanwhile, we can be vigilant without being paranoid.

    • ccdan

      Too many if’s and but’s, too much paranoia. Freedom is the most important thing you have, by far. Too bad some people don’t realize that yet.

  • DaniD35

    They LOST my pet cat after holding me for an hour while searching my car. When they found nothing they screwed up in removing my cat from one of their dog kennels. She ran through traffic into the brush. All this with my two children as witnesses. Claiming dogs alerted to my vehicle for an odor. But also admitted at one point that the dog may have alerted to cat, or Mcdonalds on the seat. What can I do?

  • GrimmTale

    If everyone posting here would do one simple thing and look up United States v. Martinez-Fuerte this would all be a moot point.

  • disqus_eQD2LcRo0q

    This is bullshit. I hope this guy is shot by a illegal immigrant, that would be ironic and hilarious. Why would you have a problem with our police and boarder agencies keeping the country safe. Im all for the constitution and our rights as US citizens but if you act like these guys, the police should be able to pull you out the car and find out who you are on reason of suspicion. SMH

  • El Rey

    This past Thursday i was going through the Sarita check point and drive up to the agent. She asked if i was US citizen, i said yes. she asked where I was going and I said Corpus Christi or Rockport. she asked why I didnt know and i replied that i didnt know because i was taking a drive to corpus and i didnt know which hotel i would be staying at. she asked me what the reason for the trip was and at this point i thought it was getting too personal. i was going to meet a girl i had been talking to on Facebook and i was embarrassed to give this agent my whole personal story by the road side.
    , although i had already said i was a US citizen. i told her politely that i didnt think it was any of her business and i have answered my citizenship question. she told me to move to seconday. i asked why and she said the dog alerted. i couldnt believe that she would lie and say the dog alerted because ive been through the checkpoints thousands of times and the dogs never alert. i got off my truck upset and ofcourse i was cussing a bit. i said DONT F UP MY TRUCK!! they were ofcourse upset cause i was amped up. they asked why i was upset and i told them that i didnt feel that all those questions were necesary. i didnt like that the agent lied about the dog alerting just because i told her that it was none of her business what i was going to do. they started looking my truck over and i asked how are they gonna get into my truck if i had the keys and the supervisor, Solis said that they had their ways. i cane unglued because i pictured them using crowbars or other tools to disassemble my truck. i told him i didnt want them to F UP MY TRUCK!! yes i was upset. Solis said that they would give me a form to get it fixed and i was more upset. i looked over to my truck and i see a BP agent prying my truck tool box and i had it. I told him HEY HERE ARE MY KEYS and i flung them to him. well that was a bad descision because he took cover like i had shot at him and i got arrested. yes i couldve handled this infringement of my rights differently but when you have a federal agent lying about a dog alerting, you have a suoervisor that does not use his people skills to calm ones concerns then you see another agent prying into your vehicle, yeah that does it. ofcourse i calmed down after i was in hand cuffs and i was being threatened with assault with car keys on a federal agent and i was being threatened with losing everything i have worked hard for. Solis the suoervisor told me all this couldve been avoided if you just go with the flow. ha! well arent i a dumb US citizen. the threat went further. He said that they have 2 yrs to file for federal assault charges on a federal agent and that they will be keeping an eye on me. if the agent that i flung my keys at feels at any time that he wants to file then he is going to file. i apologized to that agent because i truly wasnt trying to hurt him or any agents and much less break any law. I was never asked for my keys until i was arrested and nothing was found in the vehicle. just as they have that choice to arrest me for assault, i think i have my choice to seek legal representation for this matter. i will continue to cross through the check point because i have no choice but i will continue to refuse to answer any personal questions all the time i will be calm and I will document it all.

  • anthony salaiz

    It’s not civil disobedience it’s civil self defense.

  • fedfire

    That last old inspector acted drunk.

  • DarkRoom Atelier

    border checkpoints should be on the border of Mexico/America line.. Not ‘in’ America.. Their job is to stop illegals and drugs getting ‘in’ to the country at the ‘Line’… again not randomly on a highway ready to interrogate you and if you are not to ‘THEIR’ code of normal,, i got my feet kicked apart by an little 22 year old half my age, that looked like he belonged on the other side of this country.. Excuse ME… i am behind the Border Patrol accept the Checkpoints on U.S. Soil.. i don’t feel safe in this country anymore… Shame on the Lauguna Border Checkpoint…