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by Shane Pearson | Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 0:00 CST
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Three Texas Veterans on the Road to Recovery

The following narratives were written by Texas veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a condition that affects a growing number of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. As part of their recovery process, they are writing about their lives … Read More



FANNING THE FLAMES Thanks for drawing public attention to this scandalous environmental crime at Corpus Christi’s Citgo refinery (“The Fire This Time,” Aug. 21). It is a total disgrace that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, which is supposed to … Read More



CLEARING THE AIR This is by far the best, most comprehensive article I’ve seen yet regarding the Las Brisas issue (“Something in the Air,” Aug. 7). Thank you very much for an outstanding piece of journalism.Bill ReevesPosted at You … Read More



NO BULL Dang, this was one of the best things I’ve read all year (“How’d You Turn a Billion Steers Into Buildings Made of Mirrors?” July 10). It was great to read about the wonderful Paisano tradition and also to … Read More



JOBS WELL DONE Dear friends, thank you for your kind words (“The People’s Friends,” June 26), although my friends are in disagreement about whether “nerd” is a positive or negative attribute. While the best way to accomplish something is often … Read More



REFORM TCEQ Thanks to Forrest Wilder for his article on Waste Control Specialists’ waste dump near Andrews (“Water, Water Everywhere,” June 12). Everyone expects the radioactive waste dump to go forward even with the TCEQ evidence regarding groundwater pollution. Let’s … Read More



A FOND FAREWELL Thank you for your fine article about Bob Burleson (“Wild Man,” May 15). Bob was a man of many talents with expertise in numerous unrelated areas. He was truly a Renaissance man whose recall of information and … Read More


If They Build It

Dallas' long and winding Trinity River Corridor Project.

With a kick from the muddy bank, our canoe slides into the Trinity River, a narrow strip of murky water canopied by looming black willows. We’ve put in at the Sylvan Avenue boat launch just north of downtown Dallas and … Read More