Saul Elbein

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    Iron Hands Behind the Pine Curtain

    I watched him being loaded into the van. The pepper spray had not been washed off; his face was swollen and contorted, with long ropes of mucus hanging from his nostrils. Full Story

  • Pipeline Companies Seize Land in Texas at Will

    In Texas, property rights are sacred. It’s encoded into our ethos—in this state, your ranch is your kingdom. If you catch strangers inside your […] Full Story

  • Cuero Bets on Fracking

    In 2008, Petrohawk Energy sank an oil well on Charlotte Krause’s land in the green fields north of Cuero. Drillers bored into the shale […] Full Story

  • Combating an Invasion

    Arundo donax, the giant cane that is taking over the Rio Grande Valley, is virtually indestructible. Burn it out, and it sprouts from the […] Full Story