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Back in the Saddle

by Ian Dille | Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 0:00 CST
Can the state’s quintessential car capital be made bike-friendly?

The Creature from Choke Canyon

Wrap-up – The Brand New Texas Observer Rabble Rouser!   The 10th annual Rabble Rouser Round-Up and Fat Cat Schmoozefest shook the halls of the Emma Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center on 2/2/11.  It was a true community celebration with … Read More


Whose Water Is It, Anyway?

Mostly, that's decided by appointees who aren't accountable to the voters.

Before the summer of 2009, Bob Wynne could stand on his expansive deck high above Lake Travis and look out over flat, shimmering water. It was the perfect surface for the thin, 68-year-old dentist to slalom behind his competition-level Ski … Read More

LGBT Rights

Crimes In the Sand

Most of the 300 or so clustered gravesites in the Terlingua Ghost Town cemetery are mounds of white rock rising from auburn dirt. Crosses nailed together from withered wooden boards stand askew, marking the plots. Remembrances of the deceased include … Read More


Bike Pathology

Dallas, with its knot of highways, sprawling suburbs, and fast urban streets, is not an easy place to bicycle. In 2008, Bicycling magazine declared it the worst city for cyclists in the country. Ironically, there’s no shortage of people who … Read More


If They Build It…

Dallas' long and winding Trinity River Corridor Project.

With a kick from the muddy bank, our canoe slides into the Trinity River, a narrow strip of murky water canopied by looming black willows. We’ve put in at the Sylvan Avenue boat launch just north of downtown Dallas and … Read More