Andrea Grimes

Andrea Grimes
Andrea Grimes, a native Texan and avid twitterer, is the digital editor at the Observer.

By Andrea Grimes:


Trust Me, Trust Women

by | Wed, Feb 3, 2016 at 7:56 am CST
Donald Trump at the American Airlines Center in Dallas

Refreshingly Fascist

It's easy to avoid hypocrisy when you don't have any principles in the first place.

I have a question I’m afraid to hear the answer to: is there any degree of hypocrisy, or ideological dishonesty, that people won’t put up with when it comes to our elected officials? Is there a threshold after which even the rightest of right-wing voters will no longer tolerate lying, cheating or downright hatefulness? Read More


Texas’ Great Achievements in Political Internetting, 2015

Despite a great deal of evidence suggesting that this is a terrible idea, elected officials in Texas are able to post their thoughts on the Internet. They have near-unrestrained access to keyboards, wireless routers, racist memes — everything that makes the world wide web turn ‘round. And while few of our esteemed elected officials are themselves liberal, they do make liberal use of their social media accounts. Here, we honor some of their finest online achievements in 2015. Read More

A black and white photo of Ted Cruz in Greenville, South Carolina in November 2015.
Health Care

Ted Cruz is Right. There’s No War on Women.

The draconian policies favored by the GOP are better described as a war on the American family.

Indeed, if you want a home for policies that restrict legal abortion, that would ban birth control, that decry parental leave as unnecessary, that deride breastfeeding assistance as hostile to sacred business interests, that would deny resources to marginalized people and which ignores modern manifestations of racism in favor of crass calls for outright violence, you will find it in Ted Cruz’s party. Read More

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

Greg Shames the Sheriff

Instead of focusing on the business of governing the state — I take this aspect of his job as a given, considering the man’s title, though it seems I may be mistaken — Abbott has gone huffing and puffing at Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez’s door, accusing her of not being compliant enough with federal immigration policy. Read More

Greb Abbott at his election party, 2014

Blessed are the Cowards

Did God's commandment to turn away people in need get lost in a Gnostic gospel somewhere?

On Monday, Governor Greg Abbott sent a letter to President Obama announcing that Texas will not take in any Syrian refugees following the Paris terror attacks. Read More