Andrea Grimes

Andrea Grimes
Andrea Grimes, a native Texan and avid twitterer, is the digital editor at the Observer.

By Andrea Grimes:

Greb Abbott at his election party, 2014

Blessed are the Cowards

Did God's commandment to turn away people in need get lost in a Gnostic gospel somewhere?

On Monday, Governor Greg Abbott sent a letter to President Obama announcing that Texas will not take in any Syrian refugees following the Paris terror attacks. Read More

undocumented immigrants

No Work-Around Before Birth Certificate Case Goes to Trial

In mid-October, a federal judge issued a decision denying the parents' request that Texas be compelled to find a temporary means by which to issue the birth certificates. "Although the Plaintiffs have provided evidence which raises grave concerns regarding the treatment of citizen children born to immigrant parents," wrote U.S District Judge Robert Pitman, he would allow the state to continue using its disputed vital records protocols while the plaintiffs' case makes its way through the courts. Read More

Texas' voter ID law is a solution in search of a problem. But what's voting really got to do with this whole democracy thing, anyway?

Texas Lawmakers Aren’t Actually Supposed to Try to Make Things Worse, Right?

The state excels at creating solutions in search of problems, making life more difficult for the most marginalized Texans.

To me, it looks as though the problem the state has is with some Texans. Texans who aren’t wealthy white folks, or who aren’t likely to be turning up to vote in the next Republican primary. Texans whose very existence challenges the long institutional rule of the good ol’ boys’ club, who make government-by-handshake increasingly difficult to pull off. Read More

undocumented immigrants

State: Birth Certificate Lawsuit a Ruse to Validate Foreign ID’s

Attorneys for the state of Texas argued in federal court in Austin on Friday that a lawsuit joined by dozens of undocumented Texans has nothing to do with their U.S.-born children being denied birth certificates by the state vital statistics unit. Instead, the attorneys claimed, the suit is a ruse to compel the state to accept Mexican consulate-issued identification. Read More

Cecil Richards Planned Parenthood
Health Care

No Planned Parenthood? Get That Depo Shot at a Kids’ Clinic

Texas bureaucrats and lawmakers have continued to claim that non-Planned Parenthood providers can pick up the slack, only to have their own numbers show that fewer patients than ever are receiving publicly funded reproductive health care, and at a higher cost to taxpayers per patient. Nevertheless, they brag that Texas is really doing a bang-up job serving its poorest residents. Read More