Andrea Grimes

Andrea Grimes
Andrea Grimes, a native Texan and avid twitterer, is the digital editor at the Observer.

By Andrea Grimes:

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Health Care

No Planned Parenthood? Get That Depo Shot at a Kids’ Clinic

Texas bureaucrats and lawmakers have continued to claim that non-Planned Parenthood providers can pick up the slack, only to have their own numbers show that fewer patients than ever are receiving publicly funded reproductive health care, and at a higher cost to taxpayers per patient. Nevertheless, they brag that Texas is really doing a bang-up job serving its poorest residents. Read More

Ben Smith, Editor of Buzzfeed

State of the Media: Joining the GOP Circus

We are more than a year away from electing the next leader of the free world, and I’m getting the overwhelming sense that some of our political media’s most influential gatekeepers are treating the race for America’s highest office as something less serious than, say, the Super Bowl. Read More

Molly Ivins

Hi, How Are Y’all?

As the new digital editor, I’ll be overseeing everything that goes on our newly redesigned website, and in particular I’ll be commissioning new work from freelancers around the state. Read More

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State of the Media: Small-Town News

In June, the small-town drama played out in the storied newspaper’s offices rather than in its pages. Citing months of financial disputes with the Jimp’s owner, the paper’s entire staff walked out just as soon as they’d filed the year’s graduation issue honoring local high schoolers. Read More

Criminal Justice

State of the Media: The Scene of the Crimes

In collaboration with a walking tour app that uses GPS technology, the producers of Radiolab have created a self-guided walking tour that takes listeners back to 18th-century Austin while telling the story of what many historians have called America’s—and maybe the world’s—first serial killer. Read More

Brandon Brooks captured the very moment when McKinney officer Eric Casebolt — who resigned with pay, pension and benefits following the incident — pinned 19-year-old Tatyana Rhodes to the ground outside a pool party in June.

State of the Media: #NoFilter in McKinney

Without affordable smartphone technology and a growing sense that police and mainstream media are not capturing all sides of the story when they cover racist violence—especially racist police violence—stories like what happened at the McKinney pool party might not have been exposed. Read More