Alex Hannaford

Alex Hannaford
Alex Hannaford writes about the death penalty, crime, prisons, religion and human interest issues for the Telegraph, Times and Guardian in the UK, and to GQ, The Nation and The Texas Observer.
  • Hohn Road, near the proposed site for the controversial fracking waste pits.

    Pit Stop

    Tiny Nordheim, Texas, is reaping the costs of of the South Texas oil boom but little of its profits. Full Story

  • A shrimping boat docked in Aransas Pass.

    Life in the Dead Zone

    An ailing Texas fishing industry contends with the threat of hypoxia in the Gulf. Full Story

  • Will Swearingen Be Allowed DNA Test Before Execution Date?

    Larry Swearingen's case has been taken on by the Innocence Project, a national litigation and public policy organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted people. And in a motion filed today, the group’s lawyers have asked District Judge Kelly Case to allow post-conviction DNA testing in order to prove Swearingen’s innocence. Full Story