Texas Politics

Preach, Bill, Preach

Sometimes Bill White makes my brain sing. Like other Texans who fancy the notion of electing a governor who actually wants to govern, I look at his laudable rec...Read More

An Icon for Texas Women

Liz Carpenter, 1920-2010

Texas has produced a bounty of great women—Lady Bird Johnson, Ann Richards, Molly Ivins, Nellie Connally, Ma Ferguson, and many others. But standing tall with...Read More

Dear Bill White …

Dear Mayor White, Like so many Texans who’ve long been panting, gasping and praying for a viable alternative to the perpetual campaigning and epic misgove...Read More

Slush Fun

At least one Texan has benefited from Rick Perry's Enterprise Fund.

For the past six years, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has lorded over a controversial stash of taxpayer money known as the Texas Enterprise Fund, dispensing huge sums...Read More