Is Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner Headed for a Second Term?

by | Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 17:23 CST
The incumbent mayor largely avoided a battle royale with bombastic trial lawyer Tony Buzbee for control of the Bayou City.

Why Don’t Texans Vote?

The poor and marginalized stay at home, while the rich and powerful cast their ballots.

By now it’s a familiar, even worn-out, storyline: In 2008, a surge of new and newly-energized voters helped propel Barack Obama into the White House. Voter tu...Read More

The Governor’s Race: We’ve Only Just Begun

Less than a month before Election Day, politicos may be losing steam but for a lot of voters, it's just getting interesting.

Well, sheesh—I’m exhausted, folks. As if a Sunday scandal about Gov. Rick Perry wasn’t enough, there were Monday’s fundraising numbers from ...Read More