Texas Politics

Tough races for Big D Democrats

Scandals fail to stop incumbents

Whether the currents that turned Dallas County blue in 2006 become a rip tide back to the GOP bears watching today. Courthouse candidates such as District Attor...Read More

Elections: The Day After

November 2 is going to be a big day in our political lives. But November 3 will be far more important. On mid-term Election Day, voters will choose between cand...Read More

The Mystery of the Latino Vote

Latinos vote in high numbers in other states; why not in Texas?

“Why Latinos do not vote in large numbers is one of the mysteries of politics.”  So writes Texas Monthly’s Paul Burka in this pre-Election Day po...Read More

God’s Voters

Back in the late ’70s, as a teenager desperate to wash off my gayness in the blood of the Lamb, I abandoned my family’s mild Methodism and sought salvation ...Read More

The Battle of Harris County

A firsthand look at early voting in Houston and allegations of voter intimidation

On Friday, Oct. 29, the last day of early voting in Houston, the walkway into Moody Park’s polling station in Houston looked like a gauntlet. Candidates g...Read More

Stumper of the Week: Rick’s Fat Tick

The most ridiculous things said this week in Texas politics

So this is it, people. Here at last, election week. A final chance for Texas politicians to compete for the honor of Stumper of the Week. A final chance, that i...Read More