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Is it Time to Rethink Texas Suburbia?

Two new books lay out convincing evidence that the suburbs have been unfairly maligned and overlooked.

My opinion of the suburbs changed a few years ago on my first trip to the Katy Mills Mall, a sprawling shopping center just west of Houston. The place didn’t...Read More

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What’s a Bookstore for?

Saturday is Independent Bookstore Day. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, booksellers were facing razor-thin margins, an uncertain future, and the threat of Amazon.

The people who work in bookstores are, by and large, very brilliant. My co-workers at BookPeople, a large independent bookstore in Austin, were no exception. I ...Read More

13 Small Texas Presses to Read Right Now

These 13 Texas-based independent presses and publishers have offered diverse, boundary-pushing literature for years, even decades.

There’s no better time for reading than when you’re curled up in your home. Books offer a retreat from the chaos of the world—something we could all use a...Read More