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The High Cost of Hays County’s Decision to Keep Prosecuting Low-Level Marijuana Cases

by | Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 17:03 CST
Opinion: A new law legalizing hemp prompted prosecutors across the state to drop some low-level marijuana cases. But the district attorney in Hays County won’t be deterred.
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A Poor Defense

A countywide public defender's office would've saved Victoria County $1.3 million in its first two years alone. So why did the new DA kill the proposal?

Earlier this year, it seemed as if poor people charged with crimes in a handful of Gulf Coast communities would finally have a fighting chance in court. In Apri...Read More

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The Dissenter

Texas’ highest criminal court turned Elsa Alcala into one of the state’s most prominent death penalty critics.

Elsa Alcala began her legal career in the Harris County DA’s office, joining a prosecutorial machine famous for cranking out death sentences. Three decades la...Read More