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The Texas Miracle #7: The Sound of Secession

From the Texas GOP convention, we go to the floor for a debate over secession and seek answers to that mind-melding question: Why would anyone support Donald Trump?

From the Texas GOP convention, we go to the floor for a debate over secession, and seek answers to the question: Why would Texas Republicans support Trump?...Read More

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That Sinking Feeling

Is indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton a political aberration or a symptom of a larger sickness?

Ken Paxton’s rapid ascent from state representative to state senator and then to the attorney general’s office in the span of just three years has been an o...Read More


The Texas GOP’s Sara Legvold Problem

She's a nearly bottomless fountain of paranoid racism. So why has she been allowed to play such a prominent role in the Texas GOP?

How to explain what happened with the state GOP’s platform last Saturday, and recent trends in the party? Ask Sara Legvold....Read More


Backs to the Future

At the Texas Republican Party’s convention in Fort Worth, it’s 2010 again.

At the Republican Party of Texas' 2014 convention, delegates undid one of their biggest achievements from 2012—and left some big issues on the table....Read More