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Reynolds performs The Desert at Mimms Ranch in Marfa in 2014. The site-specific work was the first part of a triptych that also included the bilingual cross-border opera, Pancho Villa From a Safe Distance. by

Mr. Reynolds’ Opus

How Graham Reynolds became Texas’ top composer.

How Graham Reynolds became Texas’ top composer. by Rose Cahalan October 14, 2019 Walk into composer Graham Reynolds’ East Austin studio, and the first thing...Read More


The Great Mellowing

God, Willie Nelson, and the increasingly thinkable pipe dream of marijuana reform.

Thanks to God and Willie Nelson, marijuana reform is an increasingly thinkable pipe dream....Read More


‘I’ve Been There’

Grady Gaines and Houston’s Rock and Roll Roots

In I’ve Been Out There: On the Road with Legends of Rock ‘n’ Roll, saxophone legend Grady Gaines tells the story of his musical journey that stretc...Read More