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In the Texas Legislature, Sexual Harassment Complaints are Rarely Filed, Haphazardly Maintained and Then Destroyed

Despite the Legislature’s reputation for sexism and sexual harassment, there are no official complaints on record in either chamber. What’s happening to allegations?

Late last year, amid a national reckoning over sexual misconduct in politics, media and entertainment, reports surfaced of a pervasive culture of sexual harassm...Read More


The Interview: Elliott Naishtat

Parting words from the Lege’s ‘New Yorker.'

Elliott Naishtat, who served 26 years in the Lege, has advice for the aspiring reps in the seven-way contest for his seat: Be persistent, and be polite....Read More


‘I Didn’t Have a Choice’

Texas women like Jeni Putalavage-Ross are already making agonizing decisions about abnormal pregnancies. Some anti-abortion lawmakers would put them in an even more impossible situation.

Jeni Putalavage-Ross and Scott Ross made the difficult decision to terminate their pregnancy at nearly 21 weeks when doctors said their baby wouldn't survive. W...Read More