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Short Story Winner: ‘Immaculate’

Nellie Downer’s story checks every box on the list of attributes guest judge Bryan Washington appreciates in short fiction: “stories with distinct voices, a keen sense of place, and a palpable intimacy.”

Nellie Downer’s “Immaculate” offers a Texas-sized opening line—“It was a big goddamned land”—before zooming in on a little car on a lonely roa...Read More

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Short Story Finalist: ‘Una Ofrenda: For I Too Am a Holy Child’

“This story is an offering to the trans ancestors who have bravely lived their lives as authentically as possible despite existing in spaces that deny our humanity.”

The short story contest finalist “Una Ofrenda: For I Too Am a Holy Child” is author Julian Toscano’s “offering to the trans ancestors who have bravely l...Read More

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Short Story Finalist: ‘Heads’

In Sydney Bartlett’s ghost story, we’re presented with a melancholy piece about friendship, regret, and the ways in which our decisions have consequences, often—and devastatingly—final.

We all enjoy a good ghost story, especially with Halloween approaching. But there’s nothing spooky about Sydney Bartlett’s ghost story, “Heads,” a final...Read More

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Short Story Finalist: ‘Oblivious’

“Whether it was one protest or the other it felt good to get the anger out. They had plenty to be pissed about, after all.”

Years from now, fiction writers will grapple with how to approach 2020 in the United States. With two very long months remaining, we’re still enduring a ragin...Read More


Short Story Finalist: ‘Solitary’

“There is no justice in being morally just. Not here.”

Bryan Washington, guest judge for our 2020 short story contest, is always on the lookout for stories displaying “a keen sense of place and a palpable intimacy...Read More