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Year in Review: Loon Star State in 2018

The year in political cartoons from the strangest state in the union.

Trump’s sophomore year in the White House made for plenty of ammunition for political cartoonist Ben Sargent. In the pages of the Observer in 2018, the fo...Read More

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‘Go Back to Islam’

When hatred collides with Texas’ Stand Your Ground law, the result is fatal.

A Houston widow is still trying to process the shooting death of her husband, who she believes was killed not in self-defense, but out of Islamophobic rage....Read More

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It’s Not ‘P.C.’, but White Communities are in Crisis

The white community says it deserves our respect, but white-on-white crime and a tradition of anti-government violence should give us all pause.

It’s happened again — another story of organized crime and violence in the white community. This time the threat is very close to home. In our own backyard,...Read More