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A huge American flag hangs behind the stage of a Plano megachurch. by

How Texas Politicians Bungle the Bible

Long before Jeff Sessions used Romans 13 to justify stripping children from their parents, it was already the go-to verse for Texas pols seeking to defend all sorts of questionable policies.

When Texas politicians hitch their political wagon to the Bible, they may be in for a very bumpy ride. Of course, that prospect never seems to stop them. ...Read More

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Pistol-Packin’ Christians

These right-wing pastors say guns are an integral, biblically mandated part of their Christian faith.

Christians, along with other people of faith, should appeal to our national conscience and remind us that violence is rarely the best solution. Calls for Christ...Read More


Minding the Flock

In Granbury, evangelical leaders rally the faithful with talk of Hitler, slavery, sodomy and voter turnout.

On Friday, at the second annual Christian Values Summit, some 200 evangelicals met in the Granbury Resort Conference Center to consider America’s precipitous ...Read More