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The cafeteria at Zavala Elementary school usually has children lined up according to their classrooms, but as of Thursday April 30, 2002, it is home to toys and activities for children attending the daycare to expend some energy in a controlled environment. Starting May 6, Zavala Elementary in Odessa Texas will begin operating its facilities as a daycare for children whose parents are medical professionals. (Ben Powell/Odessa American via AP) by

Texas Already Lacked Affordable Child Care. Then COVID-19 Hit.

The coronavirus has temporarily or permanently closed almost half of all child care providers in the state, leaving few options for low-income working families.

Jessica Nolen and her 5-year-old daughter had a morning routine. Fights with their alarm clocks first, some morning television, then quick berry smoothies, and ...Read More


Going It Alone

More than 40 percent of Texas families living in poverty are single-mother households.

courtesy Sarah Angle My 5-year-old daughter sits at the table, rocking back and forth in a rickety chair I should have replaced years ago. Peas and other discar...Read More