Susan Briante


In Praise of James Agee

by | Fri, Nov 19, 2004 at 12:00 am CST

Seeing and Gathering

A slate-gray sky shimmers on the surface of Barton Springs, while the pale white bodies of a handful of swimmers glide through the water. Chilean artist, filmmaker, and poet Cecilia Vicuña plunges her hand into the creek without hesitating. “I … Read More


War Stories

Naked in Baghdad: The Iraq War As Seen By NPR’s Correspondent Anne Garrels During the first Gulf War, as a young journalist for the now defunct Tulsa Tribune, I interviewed reservists on the eve of their deployment. Up until that … Read More


On Memorials

by Susan Briante

Behind the visitor’s center at Gettysburg National Military Park, farmland unfurls from gentle hills. Thatched wood fences stretch toward rows of orchard trees trembling in a summer wind. The scene would be entirely bucolic were it not for the equestrian … Read More