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Our Blue Period

by | Thu, Dec 24, 2015 at 8:00 am CST
nursing homes

Closing Accounts

As the money runs out, hard choices in elder care

My grandmother wasn't really living; she was just surviving. The person I remembered, cherished and respected was vanishing. And the most painful and saddest part of her life had become the most taxing to survive. Read More


Booking to Denton

In downtown Denton, in an old opera house painted purple, Don Foster nurtures his passion: Recycled Books. His bookstore is musty. The handmade bookshelves are rickety. The pale yellow linoleum floors are stained and cracking. This three-story historic building in … Read More

Direct Quote

Fighting AIDS in Texas

In 1983, Jamie Schield went on a camping trip with a friend to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. But his friend was out of sorts; he was tired, out of breath and worried about the rash developing on his chest. … Read More