Ruth Pennebaker

By Ruth Pennebaker:


They’re Just Not That Into Us Anymore

The week before the inauguration, my 26-year-old daughter and I began a road trip to California. She was headed to a new job in Palo Alto. I went along to offer worldly advice, insightful commentary and a treasure trove of … Read More


The Writers’ Super Bowl

BOB: Good afternoon, folks! Welcome to our annual coverage of the Writers’ Super Bowl. I’m Bob Arnold, here with my sidekick, Chris Edwards, to bring you coverage of this unusual event. Chris, what can you tell me about our competitor? … Read More


Go Hornets!

Dear Faculty and Parents: Even though it was 118 degrees last week, I think we could all feel a nip in the air. Fall has arrived and the Harrold Independent School District is beginning its 2008-09 school year. Go Hornets! … Read More


The Year Nothing Changed

You remember 1968. That was the year everything changed. The North Vietnamese began the Tet offensive, widely regarded as a turning point in the Vietnam War, and turned out to be the last gasp of American support for that doomed, … Read More


Ulterior Designs

In the fall of 2005, a camera-toting, microphone-wielding crowd of international media descended on the federal courthouse in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They came to cover Kitzmiller v. Dover, the most recent court battle about teaching evolution in America’s public schools. Eleven … Read More


Sledding Through a Bush Family Fantasy

Growing up in West Texas marks you forever. Mountain ranges give me the creeps. Rain was such a stranger that I still can barely manage to open and close an umbrella without a nervous breakdown. Even after all these years, … Read More


Back in the UAE

We are a strange family when it comes to travel. My husband and I were almost deported from England years ago. We once hired a taxi to get us out of Albania. And we rarely make plans or hotel reservations. … Read More